How to book an escort? What are the things you need to be sure you do before booking one!

Escorts are usually hot models from the world of erotic modeling, porn industry, or merely self-proclaimed beauty world. These girls are generally well skilled in various erotic skills essential for entertaining their clients. Some of them operate independently, while others are under various escort agencies. And the truth is that the escorting industry is slowly taking over. No wonder some pornstars are actually taking up escorting as a side hustle. Some of them include; Ash Lee, Natalia Starr, Jessica Jaymes, Elen Million, Angelica Heart, among others. Here is how you can hire a pornstar escort.

Well, escorts prices might actually vary with the most expensive ones being pornstars. But I promise you that this should be the least of your worries when you are looking to hire an escort. This is because there are lots of Spanners, thieves, and basically escorts who are not worth the kind of money they demand. However, I have taken it upon myself to make you a resourceful guide that should help keep you and your pocket safe while trying to have some fun. Here is what you should do;

Identify the escort’s umbrella

Like I mentioned earlier, there are independent and escorts that work under various escorting agencies across the industry. Both types of escorts might be genuine, but it is important to note that most escort agencies verify their girls as a way of looking out for their potential clients. Also, in case of anything, you can always sue their asses something I bet they wouldn’t want to risk. As for independent escorts, it might be a little tricky to identify whether they are real or not unless you found one on a forum site with reviews. The community that can be able to attest to their services.

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Judge pictures with your brain, not your dick

Some escort girls post fake pictures or highly photoshopped ones. These photos usually feature far too perfect women with bootiful rears, extremely tiny waists, busty chests, absolutely gorgeous faces, and sexy long legs. These bitches look like they are basically out of this world, angelic creatures far too perfect to be true. And anyone not driven by lust but common sense can surely suspect there is something that’s not right about the girl’s appearance. This is something that can quickly be sorted by a verification badge on their profile or simply the presence of their nasty video clips. After all, those are pretty complex to fake.

Check pricing against services and compare

Escorts typically set their own prices for their various services like the girlfriend experience, extreme sex play, French kissing, sex, erotic massage, etc. However, you must see to it that you get value for your money. You can do this by performing a little bit of surveillance on the site to find out what equally sexy bitches are charging for the same services. Even better, if it’s on a forum site, you could always appeal for a recommendation on a specific service from a particular model.

Right-click picture and search on Google for “duplicates.”

You could easily search the escort’s photos right out from the internet’s vast erotic photo galleries. You can do this by right-clicking onto the photocopying it and pasting to search on Google image search. Even better, this could also be a way to get a better price because there is a way she works for multiple local agencies, and not all have the same pricing.

Perform due diligence during your contact phase

Let the escort know what services among the ones they’ve enlisted you are interested in. Also, communicate any extra favors you would like them to do for you, i.e., stay the whole night, suck your dick with or without condom, etc. Even more important, ask them what they do not like in the case that they have not indicated on their profile. This is to help create a conducive working condition for them and an even more pleasant and satisfactory one for you as the client.

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Look for background backing before formalizing your escort request

It is not always enough to trust the escort’s words of reassurance. This is because, in reality, they are absolute strangers you are looking to share some private space with. In any case, they could be some paparazzi undercover agents, thieves, or even murderers driven by pleasure. Therefore, it is always important to play safe by reading reviews given by previous clients. Also, there is this clause provided by agencies over whether they are responsible for you or not. Often it is on the about us or FAQ section that should either reassure you or give you a reason to take a step back.

Choose a safe location

The escort should communicate where they are open to meeting up. This could be in hotel rooms, beauty parlors, your home, etc. However, I would recommend that you mostly have the upper hand, which is not always possible. But you could always ask her to choose a premium or classic hotel, one with a trustable security system, i.e., CCTV cameras, etc. This way, you could be assured of your physical safety.

Let someone know about your whereabouts

Well, men don’t usually kiss and tell, but for this one, my friend. It is always advisable to leave a trail, say; leave your phone or car tracker on or even make a quick phone call to a friend informing them you are at a certain place and would be meeting them later on, ask for room service after say the end of the agreed period, etc. They say it’s better to be safe than sorry, and the foolish man is the one that dies. You don’t want to bleed to death from a hotel bed when you could have gotten the much needed medical assistance to live.

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Choose your payment mode carefully

Different escorts use different payment methods from cash, credit cards, bitcoins, etc. I would advise those using credit cards to designate one for their filthy transactions and get it closed down after a few transactions. Those paying cash to not carry a lot in excess or instead they should just present the agreed amount only. This is because you could be threatened to provide your credit card information at gunpoint and stolen from. And for those getting their money from a briefcase, you could elicit greediness from them and have your ass abducted or robbed by just a simple information leakage.

Demand professionalism through your actions

From the choice of location, dressing, and specificity of action, make sure you are straightforward and utmost polite with the escort. This is to see to it that the models meet you at your level of service standards. After all, most escorts take pride in what they do, are allergic to embarrassments, and would want nothing to tarnish their reputation of offering premium services. For those hiring escorts for the company during events, it is also vital that someone sees you leaving with the escort too for your own security.

Carry your own protection, i.e., condoms and ensure to dispose of them properly

I was reading a story recently about how some tycoon was charged with child support. The mother was a hotel attendant at a hotel, which he once fucked a random whore using a CD and dumped it in the trash. Apparently, she took the condom and got the sperms inseminated into her. She didn’t even deny the fact that it was wrong. Don’t even start me with the fact that he’s now paying the said woman child support even after bestowing all this shame upon him. Anyway, you better not risk this kind of shit happening to you, or should I ask, are you looking to sure a child with a pay-whore?

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PornDude’s final words

Now that you know what are the essential dos and don’ts when you are hiring an escort? I believe you are in a better position to make informed decisions. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves. ?

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