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How to Build up a Solid Fanbase as a Cam Model

If there’s something which is changing and challenging sex on the internet, it’s undoubtedly camming. Web camming has become interactive, engaging and live. More importantly, it’s relationship-based. Interaction, relationships, engaging conversations etc., are absent in run-of-the-mill porn categories. There’s a lot of freedom in camming. To be upfront, freedom is very limited in many categories of porn.

The rise of amateur porn has become a matter of significant disquiet among professionals. Professional porn performers are featuring in extremely unpleasant niches such as painal, screaming anal, etc. In webcam industry, both amateurs and professionals can make BIG money without cannibalizing each other’s business. That’s the beauty of this industry.Cam Model

Web camming is a lucrative profession. It’s all about acquiring loyal and high-paying followers. Here’s how to make money as a cam girl and establish a solid fanbase. Read on.

Decide on the niche

The first step is to decide on the right niche. It’s of little use seeking advice from others. What works best for them may not work well for you. There is no fun and merit in choosing the wrong niche.

Here are a few questions worth asking yourself:

  • What’s my personality?
  • Am I innocent?
  • Am I cute and charming? Or am I mature and sexy?
  • Am I submissive? Or do I like to dominate?
  • Do I love trash talk?

Choose your webcam name

Your webcam name should be short, simple, catchy and easy to remember. Picture this scenario for a while. Let’s say your webcam name is Abella $#%6780&12. It’s extremely difficult for repeat members to find you on different adult webcam networks. Be informed that repeat customers help you make BIG money.

Also, your webcam name should ideally be same on Twitter and Facebook. It will be easy for your followers to find you on social networking platforms. And yes, your webcam name should be unique. Otherwise, you may lose your followers to other models.

Complete your profile

Your profile should speak volumes about your personality, tastes and preferences. Be imaginative. Use your grey cells to the fullest. Be wild and sexy. More often than not, high paying clients look for imaginative and creative webcam models. So, your profile should answer these questions:

  • What’s in it for audiences?
  • What qualities / traits distinguish you from other webcam models?

Use attention-grabbing profile pictures. Run-of-the-mill selfies will do more harm than good. Invest some time to get a few superior quality shots.

Stick to a schedule

Last minute planning is as good as zero planning. It’s important to keep your audiences informed on your schedule. They should be able to count on your online presence.

Almost every month, many webcam models lose scores of loyal paying clients due to poor planning. Sticking to a minimum schedule is a hygiene factor.

It’s always better to use a adult webcam script and make money through your own webcam site.

Be active on social networks and adult blogs

Many popular webcam networks have active blogs and social media handles. It’s important to get yourself featured on them. It’s not all difficult to get featured. You just have to send an email to the PR / marketing representative of that particular adult network. Of course, please do read the guidelines, terms and conditions. Subsequently, you may submit your application to get featured on the networks.

Let me be upfront- this industry churns out millions of webcam models every year. Obviously, not all models get featured on adult networks. Here are some tips that might help you get featured on adult networks:

  • Keep yourself abreast of emerging and upcoming trends in this industry
  • Write worthy opinionated articles (industry relevant) and mail them to adult networks.

If adult networks feature you, a good chunk of the internet traffic is likely to check your profile almost immediately.

There’s a caveat here. While it’s recommended to join multiple adult networks, it’s not recommended to join multiple camming networks.

Can you be perform live across multiple cam sites simultaneously? No!

Hence, join one or two webcam networks. No more than two! Make yourself available for 4 hours on one network and 4 hours on another network. Work timings are left to your discretion.

Sell clips

There are many camming sites that let you sell clips. You can record your shows and upload them on the following sites:

  • BongaCams
  • CamSoda
  • Chaturbate
  • iFriends
  • XLoveCam

This isn’t an exhaustive list. You can find high-paying clients here. The key is to make them an integral part of your loyal fanbase.

Leverage social media

Many popular social networking platforms are 100% free. Of course, only a few of them are adult- friendly. Facebook imposes too many restrictions and hence, it’s of little use. However, you can use Twitter and Tumblr to the fullest. It’s suggested to be active on Daily Motion, Reddit, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat.

What should be your goals on adult-friendly social media?

  • Drive the internet traffic
  • Convert them into your loyal high-paying audience

How to achieve your goals?

  • By driving engagement

How do you boost engagement?

  • By running quite a few contests

You may give a few giveaways. Picture this scenario – You organize a contest and around 1000 people participate in it. The winner gets a free 1-hour session with you. It sounds exciting! Ensure that the quality of webcam show is top-notch. Upon the completion of webcam session, ask him to share his experiences on Twitter and other popular social networks. Sales are bound to multiply!

Build an adult blog

No doubt, adult-friendly social media platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr are your friends. But remember, Google is your best friend. If you are well versed with the fundamentals of adult SEO, you can start a blog. Be active.

For all intents and purposes, blogs have the potential to bring valuable organic traffic. Every blog post can cater to a different / new keyword phrase. You can use a CMS (Content Management System) and automate social media activity. This will leave you with more time for blogging.

If you are looking for blogging ideas, here are a few ideas worth your attention:

  • Emerging trends in webcam industry
  • Different types of webcam shows
  • Popular life-time revenue sharing adult affiliate programs
  • Adult contests and competitions
  • Upload one hot and erotic photo every third day and ask your followers to comment

Build a webcam site

Creating webcam business is no longer difficult. Use popular adult webcam software like xCams. xCams is loaded with many features such as payment gateways, responsive and themed templates, great video player etc. You can launch a site in just a few hours.

You can upload recorded video sessions to your website. Your videos should have watermarks. One or two videos can be uploaded for free on popular webcam sites. This strategy shall fetch you traffic from the popular webcam sites. Mention your website URL in your social media profiles.

Be consistent

If you are looking to make instant profits, it’s not possible in this industry. You have to be consistent in your camming endeavors. Patience is a virtue. Inculcate this virtue.

How much money do cam girls make?

Let me run some numbers for you.

Let’s say you work at-least 7 hours a day. Amateurs generally make anywhere between $20 and $25 per hour. Cam girls with more than one year industry experience make anywhere between $30 and $50 per hour.



So, here’s a table of numbers.

Amateur – Earnings per hour$25
Earnings per day (7 hours)$175
Earnings per week (6 days)$1050
Earnings per month (4 weeks)$4200
Experienced – Earnings per hour$40
Earnings per hour (7 hours)$280
Earnings per week (6 days)$1680
Earnings per month (4 weeks)$6720


More often than not, webcam girls make anywhere between $50000 USD and $100,000 USD annually.  There are many models who earn more than $100,000 USD. There’s a lot of potential in this industry!

Found this post on how to build up a solid fanbase useful? Let us know your thoughts. Have any doubts or queries? Shoot them in the comments. Keep watching this space for more insights on how to make money as a cam girl. Cheers!


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