How to get over your fear of swallowing cum?

Giving blowjobs and deep throats are on-trend in this century where every man expects a woman to be down to at least one. However, truth is, in as much as most women are cool with pleasuring their men by doing so. It turns out that most can’t stand the thought of swallowing cum itself and would rather have those cumshots on faces boobies or wherever else they wish.

Well, while cum itself is some sort of a satisfactory sensual trophy, it sure doesn’t taste as pleasant as it feels. It is merely of some slippery sluggish snailly color and texture that might actually taste like shit especially if your man has been feeding on shit too. And while dieting might actually improve taste especially ingestion of liquids and pineapple juice, the squeamish taste is constant, and that’s exactly what am all about; helping you overcome the fear of swallowing the jizz! After reading this piece, you could be a pro, like they do it on Just Swallows.

The basics

It is important that before trying anything to talk to your partner for support as well as motivation. Trust me, no man doesn’t want to cum in their woman’s mouth, i.e., if they are cool with it and there is a huge possibility that he’ll be all in for the idea. Also, you’ll have to come into terms with the fact that it’s actually mucus-like and might actually wobble down your throat and leave you wanting to throw up hard. This is why you’ll need to figure out what might actually work for you as some goddamned mask. Probably say fruit juice, soda or even candy.

Just to top it up; sperms and semen are quite sticky in texture, you might actually find that allowing him to ejaculate into the back of your throat or under your tongue is best because it actually saves you from having it hit your taste buds, making it even easier to swallow. You should also consider swallowing your man’s load only if he is entirely free of STIs as his semen can transport infections like Hepatitis and HIV.

Getting used to the whole cum swallowing thing

Well, swallowing cum begins with exceptional blowjob skills. I mean he won’t be shooting a load in your mouth if you don’t know how to entice it there in the first place. Also, it’s a matter of letting him cum in your mouth considering all my advice above and basically letting it sink deep down your throat, which isn’t that easy for everyone. Therefore, to try and get used to the taste, you should have him cum on other parts of your body, say your titties or even face. Each time making yourself to taste at least a drop or two. And probably have him taking some healthy juices to help work on the taste.

Am positive that doing so will give you a better chance of getting used to the taste. However, if it doesn’t work for you, then you should probably go in harder by swallowing it ASAP! Remember, the deepthroat cum unloading and swallowing might be a little complicated, but it is the best in that cum isn’t actually brought back into the mouth for you to taste it. In any case, men especially love cumming deep into women’s throats because it boosts their ego and is also a sign of full acceptance as well as an endearment.

Keep in mind that in as much as it’s a privilege to him, it’s always a choice for you

For most men getting blowjobs from their women is more than just a question of pleasure but also more of exerting their dominancy. On the other hand for the totally clueless man, it’s a question of they’ve heard or watched it in porno hence are looking to explore. However, while it’s totally okay for most women to give the oral sex, it’s entirely their fucking choice whether they are down to swallowing the yuckish sticky substance, i.e. cum or not. And every woman needs to understand that.

Also, at times, it is not always about the fear of throwing up or being disgusted by the awful taste. But entirely about concerns based on trust issues and also the risk of contracting sexually related diseases. As for the allergic type of women, kindly your health comes first and whoever it is you are giving a blowjob should understand that. Speaking of health:

Swallowing cum is good for your health!

According to health experts swallowing your man’s cum is perfectly safe if both you and your guy are healthy and disease-free. In fact, it’s not only safe, but it also has a bunch of health benefits too. This include:

Pregnancy It has been proven that swallowing cum actually reduces the occurrence of preeclampsia, a nasty condition pregnant women are prone to. The illness is said to raise their blood pressure and might even go as far as affecting other body organs like the kidneys.

Oxytocin aka The Bonding Hormone Semen contains oxytocin, a hormone that helps you to increase trust, reduces your fear and is also known as the bonding hormone (or cuddle hormone) which is, in other words, helps you feel closer to your man.

Brain Booster – Cum contains a lot of nerve growth component, a compound responsible for the growth of neurons in your brain and boosting the brain’s health.

Staying Healthy With Antioxidants Semen comprises of tons of beneficial antioxidants like superoxide dismutase, glutathione, catalase, vitamin C, vitamin E, pyruvate, and carnitine and citric acid. All of which are vital when it comes to protecting your skin against damaging radicals.

Live Longer Jizz contains a compound known as spermidine which has been proven to have anti-aging properties.

ElectrolytesSpew contains numerous electrolytes, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, and chloride, which are vital for your health, especially if you are involved in energy-draining activities. And just so you know, these rehydrating electrolytes are one of the reasons why cum is actually kinda salty.

Sugar for Energy Semen constitutes of small traces of both fructose, and glucose to provide the ultimate energy boost.

Protein for bodybuilding there is a solid amount of protein in cum which when ingested might actually help build your body as well as repair tissues.

Warning! This kind of cum is a NO GO!

If your man is a drinker or smoker, you might want to rethink your decision to try and swallow his cum. This is because it will basically be bitter and even harder to come to terms with. Also, the kind of food he is prone to, say acidic foods like broccoli and asparagus will leave a bitter taste in your mouth too. While this is no excuse to skip out on your daily serving of vegetables, if you’re looking to give him head in the evening, then you may want to omit the extra serving of greenery during dinner and replace it with a delightful fruit smoothie to at least improve the taste of his cum. It actually goes without saying; too much acidity+ too much substance abuse = bitter semen. Bitter semen = bitter taste you might never get used to even in your wildest dreams.


Fruitful blowjobs are actually the kind of delight every man looks forward to from their woman. And while it might not be in their capacity to deliver the full package perhaps because of the health issues. It is important for the totally capable woman to not only learn the basics of giving good head with great cooperation from their partners of course and of course, overcome the fear of swallowing cum. Like come on sweethearts, there are a million benefits, and I don’t presume it’s that bad either. And if you feel overwhelmed, you can always check out how the real sluts do it on the top amateur porn sites; just like jellyfish!

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