How to give an erotic massage?

After a long day, you’re probably stressed and you need to revitalize your energy. There is one way that gets you your energy faster than food. To get reenergized after a long day, the fastest way is to give an erotic massage. Yes! Erotic massage or Sensual massage reenergize and revitalize a human being faster than food. You can even give an erotic massage to change the mood of your partner from sad to happy. You can also use the massage to turn on your partner; you can make that guy or lady horny with just the right sensual massage. Research has proved that a very good erotic massage leads to sex most times and it gives people orgasm (it makes you cum easily). Some even say it is better than hardcore “balls banging pussy” sex (I totally disagree with them; hardcore sex is the key).

Basically, most guys have the challenge of turning their relationship from social to something physical and sexual. A massage is an erotic bridge between a normal conversation (social) and a passionate hot sex (physical and sexual). Today, I will be discussing how you can give your guy or lady an erotic massage to make her cum.

First and foremost, ambiance. The ambiance is important when it comes to erotic massage. The atmosphere and surroundings of the massage are needed to be quiet and void of noise when it comes giving a hot erotic massage. Ambiance or solemnity will create an environment of relaxation and comfort which in turn will help your spouse to feel calm and relaxed so they will be able to focus more on their sexual senses. I am not saying the atmosphere should be as quiet as a graveyard but it shouldn’t be loud and banging like a strip club. Soft music should be played at minimal volume whenever you want to give an erotic massage; some blues will do; you don’t want to be playing hard metal or electronic dance music when you’re giving a nice warm massage. Solemnity is the key to success when giving a sensual massage.  “Choose a quiet room, light a scented candle, play some relaxing music and get comfortable,” says Rachel Beider, licensed massage therapist, certified aroma-therapist, and the owner of Massage Williamsburg and Massage Green point.

Get some oil. Just imagine this is a hardcore oily sex but you’re replacing the “hardcore” with “soft core and passionate”. I usually suggest that you get some olive oil and then you mix it with your sex lube so as to reduce the friction caused by your hands and your spouse’s back. You have to make sure your partner is perfectly lubed up before you go down on them with those tight muscles of yours. Some people even use a kind of scented oil as a lubricant during the massage. If you’re on a budget, the regular body lotion is still okay to use, but make sure it is warm (you can sun-dry for like an hour during the day). Don’t squeeze cold oil on your partner, it can turn him/her off. Make sure you apply the oil on your hands and then apply some oil on your partner’s body to make the massage smooth. Don’t apply it on your hands without pouring it on your spouse’s body. If you want to take things to another level, I’ll recommend you try a massage candle that melts into massage oil. To make your partner horny, make sure you use lubrication when massaging their body.

In addition, don’t forget to hold hands. I know it sounds cliché but holding your partner’s hand can unlock the probability of passionate fucking. Holding your partner’s oily hands during a massage means you’re interested in the person’s body and you’re ready to do anything to make him or her sexually satisfied. If you’re used getting a manicure, you will know that the best part is the hand massage at the end. From punching keys to carrying heavy products to opening doors, most of us give our hands a hard workout every day. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of the hands during a sensual massage. “A wonderful way to start an erotic massage is by taking the hand of your partner and rubbing the inside of their palm with your finger. From there, you can turn the palm of the hand up and rub the inside of their wrists with your thumbs,” says O’Mahoney.

The soothing sensation they get as you massage their hands will help loosen their tension (an erotic massage is all about loosening tension tied up in the body) which will allow you show love to and caress other parts of their body and lead to… (you know what I mean).

Also, make sure your hands are warm for the massage. Even the hot guys don’t like cold hands for a massage. You should rub your hands together to make them warm and tender. You can also add oil to make things smooth and firmer. The next thing to do is to massage the fingers, shoulders and the back of the neck. The shoulder and the neck are the most crucial part to massage whenever you’re massaging. It is confirmed by the WHO is their article regarding anxiety and tension which says “The shoulders are notorious for holding tension (especially for people with desk jobs who are hunched over computers all day)”.

So it is advisable that you treat your partner to some relief by focusing on their shoulders and the back of the neck.

Also, massage the elbows and knees. Don’t be too focused on your partner’s back and neck and forget the elbows and knees. Less/No attention is usually paid to the elbows and knees so you have to rub your hands in and out the elbows and knees.

Now to the main activity, since you’ve set the atmosphere and the music and you’ve carefully caressed the elbows and shoulders, you should move to the next step. The next step is what will really define the massage; whether it’s a casual massage or a sensual massage. A sensual or erotic massage often leads to sex while a casual massage leads to sleep. The next step in achieving orgasm with your babe is to work your hands slowly to the thighs. Yes, to make your partner horny and ready for a passionate fuck. l, you need to rub the thighs gently and work your way to their private part. You have to move your hands slowly up one thigh, one hand on the inside and one on the outside, get to the top and then turn the hand that is close to her pussy or dick away at the last moment so that is slides past and ends up closer to his or her ass. This will stimulate the sex hormones in him or her. Every time your hand passes through the pussy or dick, he or she will have a heightened feeling of anticipation of what is about to happen. You can repeat like 3-4 times.

You’re almost there! By now, your partner will be giving signs of being turned on e.g. soft moans, drippy pussy, hardened cock etc. you can now start massaging the ass sexually by adding excess massage oil. The next thing I will advise you to do is to go back to the shoulders and let him or her be relieved for a while. Then after a while, you go back to massaging the thighs.

Finally, you work your hands around the dick or the pussy. You should start massaging the Cock or pussy slowly then you start increasing your pace gradually. I will advise you also apply like when you’re fingering your girl or jerking your guy’s cock. By now, your spouse is at the climax and is ready to do anything to cum down (literally). Then go back to the lips and start kissing, biting and licking it, but with your hands working hard down there. You can continue massaging the pussy as you strip the panties off your babe. I think you know what next to do. You should spread your legs wide or slide in your cock gently into the drippy oily pussy and then give your babe slow and steady deep strokes before making things fast.

Unlike most things in a relationship, don’t expect a massage back in return instantly. The sensual massage is all about you working yourself hard to satisfy your partner sexually. You should not expect your man or lady to give you a massage immediately you’re done massaging them. The next thing after the sensual massage (the sex inclusive) is a long sleep. Both of you will probably be tired and worn out and the next thing you want to do is to continue the sex in your dreams.

So, guys that’s how to give an erotic massage. Go ahead and buy your massage oil, download or purchase the right music, get candles and get ready for a nice time with your spouse.

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