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How to Give Head Like a Goddess [Blow HIS Mind] – 2019

Blowjob has become an integral part of sex in most of the cases. Though it may sound yucky and nasty to take a huge dick in your mouth, a blowjob can give pleasure to both him and her. It’s a matter of choice between couples to decide whether they want to do it or not.

Blowjob seems a bit intimidating when you see girls being gagged forcefully, mouth-fucked in porn videos. However, it does not have to be in a similar way. One thing you should know is, a blowjob is not a compulsion in any case. If you are not comfortable doing it or don’t want to do it for whatever the reasons may be, don’t do it.

Getting Started with Blowjobs


If you don’t find blowjob a taboo and are ready to give your man the best time of cock sucking experience, you have landed on the right page. You may think a blowjob is simply taking a cock in your mouth and suck it until it cum, but there is more to it than just a sucking routine.

You need to know the sensitive parts in his body to make the blowjob an unforgettable and pleasurable action. Remember when your man is down eating your pussy, and you like the techniques or actions that make you even hotter, it is the same with a blowjob as well.

Hence, before you go for a blowjob, here are few tips that can help you to become a better performer.

Common Blowjob Issues


#1 Cleanliness is Mandatory

The idea of taking a penis in your mouth, itself is an icky feeling and what will happen if the dick is dirty and smelly as well? The groin is always a hot area and can smell bad or taste even worse because of the sweat.

So, it’s better you ask your man to take a sexy shower, or you can also join him to clean the dick which you are going to suck like a favorite lollipop. You can take the opportunity for some foreplay and get him erected before you blow him with the blowjob.


#2 Get in a Comfortable Position

He may like to stand when you are giving it to him, or you may like him lie on the bed while you suck his cock. Whatever may be the positions, make sure both of you are comfortable. You need to keep a blanket or a piece of cloth ready so that it won’t get messy.

You can also use napkins ( a lot of them) to wipe the cum or he can simply cum on the napkins. Guys love to watch their cock being sucked, that is why they mostly prefer to stand and want you to go on your knees.

When you lock your eyes with him while giving a blowjob, he will have intense excitement and pleasure. It’s like saying “see what I can do to make you happy” but with eyes. He will surely appreciate your sucking effort and love you even more.

Another way is to do give a blowjob in front of a mirror in case you both want to see yourselves getting in the action.


#3 Start the Action

If your guy is not aroused, warm him up by sliding your hand slowly inside his underwear and playing with the dick. You can also play with it from the outside with your hands or kissing and licking right through the underwear.

Hold the dick in your hand and lick between balls and thigh, which can give the sensation for the cock to erect. You can directly take the cock inside your mouth and wriggle your tongue around it and feel how it grows in size.

Now that the cock is ready for the best blowjob of its life lick it from the base to the top nice and slowly with your broad and flat tongue.


#4 Establish Your Flow and Movement

If you are ready for the thrill, you have to hold his dick and lube it to establish a basic technique. What better way to lube than your saliva. You can put the penis inside your mouth and slide up and down to make the cock wetter with your saliva.

Gather as much saliva you can and drip on the penis as you move your mouth up and down. You need to keep your tongue underside of the penis and make sure teeth do not come in the way.

You won’t be able to take the whole dick inside your mouth without gagging or getting choked, therefore hold the base of the penis with your two hands which will cover most of it. Now you can work the shaft with your hands while mouth takes cares of the head of the penis.

Lick the head of the penis side by side or in a circle with the tip of the tongue; it will make your man super excited. Since the head of the penis is the most sensitive part as compared to the shaft, move your tongue around it slowly and sensually.

After all that licking play, while holding the base of the penis with hands, move your mouth into the hands. Try to seal your mouth while doing so and give strokes for a couple of minutes. This action is going to be your standard move where you can come back whenever you like.


#5 Balls and Nipples

Once you are set with your basic move, try something different to make the blowjob more fun and interesting. While you move the shaft of the penis up and down with one hand, you can use other hands to pinch a nipple or gently rub it with saliva in your hand.

You don’t need to suck his cock non-stop until he cum. If you know your partner well and which part of his body is more sensitive to your sensual touch, you can add those moves while giving the blowjob. Guys like it when you play their nipples with hand or tongue, take advantage and add some fun.

If you don’t want to reach up to his nipples, balls are there to help you with the extra maneuver. You can rub his balls gently while your mouth is working up and down with that penis. But, don’t be too hard because those balls will get hurt and the fun turns out to be a bad experience.

You can also lick or suck balls, one at a time. Keep your hands going on the penis while you lick between the balls and all the way through the shaft to the head of the penis.


#6 Involve the Butthole

It’s a shame that an asshole in straight guys is overlooked and does not come into play while you give them a blowjob. Gay guys know the fun and power of that an asshole as compared to straight guys who are a bit shy and feel awkward to explore that black hole.

It’s to time to step up the game with butthole being fingered while you suck his cock, but of course, you have to take explicit permission from your partner. It’s okay to ask if he wants his ass being penetrated with a finger while other fingers hold the balls and play with them.

If he is down with it, you can reach the gold standard of an awesome blowjob. You can use some silicone lube if you want. Otherwise, your saliva will be good enough to go through that anus.

Most of the guys get the best sensation when you press or rub the perineum (a super sensitive area between his balls and asshole), so you can work on that too. You don’t have to feel dirty if you take some of the salivae from his sucked dick and rub it in his butthole.

Finding and Massaging the Male “G-Spot”

Now you can press your finger to his asshole but slowly, don’t rush into it. If he is moving his butt against your finger, it will be easy for you to go inside his anus. You don’t have to insert your whole finger; just a couple of inches will do the trick.

Now that your finger is in his asshole, move your finger up and down adjusting the speed your partner will be comfortable of. With his asshole, balls, and dick, all being played at the same time, he will blow his jizz in no time.

You can also observe his body movement and moaning to analyze what is working for him and proceed accordingly.


#7 Try to Add Some Various Techniques

One thing you should remember is, the blowjob and any sexual activities are between two of you guys. If you guys can talk and work things out, there is no limit what so ever. You can be topless and show that tits and nipples to make him hornier.

The touch of your boobs and nipples on his skin, while you are sucking his dick like a freak, will turn him on for sure. Moaning while giving blowjob can also be a turn on for some guys, make sure not to overdo it. While you moan with the cock in your mouth, it creates a steady vibration that can stimulate him.

You can also make him moan by using your hand to move the shaft of the cock up and down in clockwise and counterclockwise while you play the head of the penis with your mouth.

You can go dirtiest by licking his asshole to the top of the balls several times while your hand is working on the penis. If it’s too much for you, you can suck or lick premium itself. Alternate your hands and mouth to play with the penis; it will give you a chance to entertain with other parts of his body.

A blowjob is a tiring process so if you want a break, hold your tongue out and slap it with his dick with a horny smile looking directly at your partner’s eyes. To buy more time, you can rub his dick in your face, lips or boobs as well. With all these fascinating techniques, he will blow a load in your mouth.


#8 After the Orgasm

There has always been a debate if you need to swallow or spit the cum. For me, there is no point on debating since the choice is entirely personal. The jizz is surely not tasty and is not going to make you healthy even if you swallow it.

However, if you think it’s no big deal to swallow a few teaspoons of cum, go for it, your man will love to see you devour his load. It is better you don’t take out the penis immediately when he cum inside you.

Try to hold the penis for a few seconds, and you can also give few strokes to hear him moaning & groaning and saying “Fuck Yeah” at the same time. After that, you can spit cum into napkins or slip out of the semen into his cock if he wants to play messy.


Final Thoughts

With all the tips and methods mentioned in this article, you can go beyond any rules or criteria to get the perfect blowjob for you. If you genuinely fascinate giving a blowjob and surprise your partner with your wildest skills, don’t wait to blow him away.

The point is, blowjob has its significance in the sexual activities though many will find it unnatural. You like your pussy being licked and sucked, don’t you? It’s fucking same with the guys as well. You can give immense pleasure to your partner with your blowjob techniques.

So try some of the techniques we have mentioned here (only if you don’t know already) and bring a load of excitement in your sexual life. 

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