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How to Make a Girl Squirt in 3 Easy Steps [Video Illustration Inside] – 2019

Squirting is a real thing, and many people believe that it is just a myth because they have not been able to squirt or make their partner squirt at any point in their lives. Yes, the gory truth is that all the girls and women are not capable of squirting.

Some of them have squirted in the past, but they are unable to repeat the performance just because they do not feel as sexually stimulated as they used to be before. A girl or a woman squirts only when she is sexually stimulated to the limit and then she cannot stop ejaculating during an orgasm.

If you can make your girl squirt, it means that you have provided the utmost pleasure to her while fingering. One has to remember that a girl or woman can only squirt when she is not getting penetrated, and therefore the best way to make a girl squirt is to give her oral pleasures.

Today we are going to discuss the different methods which tell you how to squirt and how to make it a worthwhile experience for both you and your partner.

Before learning how to make a girl squirt, let us focus more the phenomenon itself and the various myths and rumours that surround it.

What is Female Squirting?


What is Squirting?

Squirting is an action which occurs when a woman is not able to resist her sexual stimulation. It can be directly influenced by focusing on the G-spot of her vagina and sometimes it can also be achieved by not teasing and teaching the G-spot.

It contains the natural juices that are released during an orgasm along with the prostatic fluid. A woman squirts from her urethra and the amount of liquid released during squirts is different for different women.

Is Peeing and Squirting the Same?

Many people feel that peeing and squirting is the same. However, it is completely false as peeing and squirting are entirely different though they have released from the same spot, i.e. urethra.

Most of the times it does not contain any amount of bladder fluid though, sometimes when a larger amount of squirt is released, it contains a small content of bladder fluid. However, you should not confuse it with peeing, and therefore there is no need to feel embarrassed about it.

Factors that Can Negate the Chances of Squirting

Though squirting is completely natural and it depends on the situation and your level of arousal, some factors can prevent you or your partner from squirting. The most important factor that can prevent a woman from squirting is the embarrassment they associate it with.

Most women are shy to squirt in front of their partners, and they get tensed when they are about to squirt. This creates tension in their muscles, and thus the chances of squirting are reduced by a great extent.

Some women also confuse it with peeing, and due to this they feel shy to squirt which also causes stress in their muscles, and they are not able to ejaculate freely.

We feel that when women feel free and uninhibited while having sex then the chances or her squirting is much more and therefore you need to make your woman as comfortable as you can if you wish to make her squirt wildly.

Now that we have cleared some myths and speculations for you let us focus on how to make a girl or woman squirt.

Follow these steps carefully as each one of them is very important and crucial and therefore you need to adhere to them completely if you want to give your woman a toe-curling and nerve-wracking orgasm that she will remember for a lifetime:

How to Make Your Girl SQUIRT!


Advice #1 Set the Right Mood

A woman squirts only if she is feeling comfortable and is at the highest peak of pleasure while masturbating or having sex. To achieve that you will have to set the mood right for her. Do not hurry while making love and try to keep the ambience as lively as possible.

She needs to forget about everything else, and only then she will be able to squirt her love juices with ecstasy. You need dim the lights, light few fragrant candles to keep it warm and use lots of pillows and cushions on your bed to make it cosy and comfortable for her.

There is no need to do extravagant things like showering flower petals on her or spreading them on the bed. Such things often do not work as you tense her up even more and she feels that it is necessary to squirt which is not going to help her in the end at all.

Only make the settings a bit more comfortable and easy for her only to help her forget about everything else while you make love to her. If music is the thing which soothes her tune in to her favourite number and makes the ambience light and lively for her.


Advice #2 Use Aromatherapy

The best way to make her squirt is by arousing her to such an extent that only squirting can make her feel satiated. Different types of natural oils and essences make the atmosphere lighter and warmer.

There are also different types of dehumidifiers and humidifiers available in the market that can make the temperature of your room cold and warm respectively as per the requirements.

These devices are also built-in with an aromatic chamber that constantly releases new molecules of fragrance that keep the atmosphere fresh and lively.

These chambers are filled with natural essences such as rose, sandalwood, lavender and much more. Lavender is considered to be an ideal essence which reduces the stress and lightens your mood effectively.

It has a soothing property which can make your partner, and you feel relaxed instantly, and the setting will be ideal for you to make the advances. If you do not want to spend a great deal on it just lighting a few incense sticks sprinkled with lavender would be enough to turn on your partner.


Advice #3 Groom Each Other Perfectly

To enjoy a perfect session of sex one also has to groom themselves perfectly. Men can get a nice haircut, shape or trim their beards and moustaches and they can even use some tempting perfumes to entice their partner.

Similarly, women can have a special haircut, style their hair in a way that seduces their partner and wear light makeup to make him special. It is also necessary to be clean and tidy before a lovemaking session as it will only attract your partner towards you.

Grooming is not just limited to that, but it also includes grooming and cleaning of your private parts. If you are too hairy make it a point to trim them and do shampoo them to remove any unwanted and foul odour from them.

Women can also clean shave their pussies if their partner likes to see and make love to a clean shaved vagina. Men too can clean their pubic hairs and armpits completely if that is the thing which arouses their partner more.

A more romantic and better idea will be cleaning each other’s private parts and shaving their pubic hairs to show how much you love and care for them. This will not only make your partner feel special but it will also increase the comfort level between you two, and it might prove to be a key factor while making her squirt.


Advice #4 Lots of Foreplay

If you want to make, her squirt the ideal thing to do will be indulging in lots of foreplay before fingering and giving head to her.

Kissing, nibbling, occasionally biting and stimulating the sensitive parts like neck, ear lobes, nipples, lips, etc. will not only arouse her more but it is also crucial for squirting in many other ways as well.

Foreplay not only makes her more intimate and aroused but it also makes her more warm and comfortable while having sex. Therefore, you should take as much time as possible in caressing her mounds, squeezing her nipples, biting them occasionally and teasing them to set her on fire.

Kissing intimately on lips is also a great way to kindle limitless passion in her, and she will return the love with all the dedication and fervour she has in her store. Skene’s Gland – Skene’s Gland is located right behind the G-spot of a woman and is also sometimes referred to as prostate gland of women.

It surrounds the urethra and swells up while having a deep and passionate session of foreplay. The juices get filled up in this gland which gets stored in the urethra.

It is this love juice that secretes in the ejaculation, and when it gets stored in a large amount, then the urethra is forced to discharge it in the form of small jets and spurts. Therefore, foreplay is essential if you are planning to make her squirt and moan with ecstasy. 


Advice #5 Give an Erotic Message

If your partner is feeling all tensed up and stressed while making love, then it will not help in making her squirt. She might not tell you right on the fact that she is not feeling comfortable, but you need to take cues from her facial expressions and body movements.

If anything is making you feel that she is not feeling comfortable, then you can always give her a sensual and erotic massage.

You can also use massage oil to make her feel much better. Start by caressing and pressing her back. Most of the stress nerves are located in the back and therefore if you massage it properly along the sides of her spine and neck then it will make her feel much more relaxed.

Press your thumb on both the sides of her neck which will release all the tension that was getting built-up in her due to various emotional or professional reasons. When she starts feeling better, caress her bums and stimulate her sensitive parts like thighs, shoulders, earlobes, etc. whichever works the best for you.

When she starts feeling better, you can kiss her and tell her something which you love about her. Whisper nice things in her ears and your warm breath will work like magic, and her anxiety and stress will melt down eventually.


Advice #6 Stimulate the G-Spot

After following all these steps correctly, now it is time to do the actual thing which is G-spot stimulation to make her squirt. However, before fingering or giving oral pleasures to her make sure that she is fully asking for it.

Do not do it in a hurry. Also, make sure that her genitals are properly lubricated before you start things. Lubrication helps in stimulating and working towards a big orgasm, and the chances of her squirting in between also increase by a great extent.

To stimulate her G-spot, you first need to take liberal amounts of lubes on your hand and then start applying it on her clit, pubes, inner walls of her vagina and rub some lube over your palm and fingers as well.

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman after the G-spot of course. Therefore, you need to tease the clitoris, suck it, lick it and even press it with your thumb and fingers.

Tracing circles around the clit also help in arousing her and then you can use your tongue and mouth to stimulate her further. If you are not a pro at sucking and giving oral pleasures you can always take help of a sex toy meant only for the clitoris, i.e. the clitoral vibrator.

The clitoral vibrator not only massages the clit but also sends stimulating sensations all through your body by vibrating in different speeds and directions. You can also use both oral and clitoral stimulation to make her squeal with excitement and pleasure.

One thing which you have to take care is not to overdo things, or she will end up coming much before you have planned for it. After stimulating her clitoris, you can start fingering her. Before starting to ensure that her vagina is oiled up and lubricated from both inside and outside.

How to Find Your Girl’s G-Spot

Push your middle finger inside her vaginal hole and ensure that your palm is tilted upwards facing her pussy. Bend your fingertips slightly upwards to hit the G-spot perfectly. G-spot is usually located 3-inches inside her pussy which is nothing but a soft structure and is of the size of a small coin.

You need to hit this spot regularly and once you find it keeps rubbing and oiling it with lube to drive her sexual sensations over the edge. Start slowly at first and then start to finger her mercilessly.

Applying lube regularly over your finger and inside her vagina will reduce the friction and will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and satiating especially for her.

When you notice that she is responding to your thrusts, it is time to insert one more finger which can either be your index or ring finger. Increase the pace of your thrusts gradually, and she will start enjoying it thoroughly.

You can also use your other hand to stimulate her clitoris at the same time which will make her scream and buckle with extreme pleasure. Sometimes, she might tell you that she is feeling the urge to pee but do not worry as it is the tension which is building up in her urethra before squirting.

If she feels the urge to urinate means that you are on the right track but if your partner is unknown about this fact it is time to make her feel more comfortable and also make her understand that it is not pee but an urge to squirt.

This will hopefully relax her but also keep in mind that she also might accidentally pee or send out a blended version of pee and squirt, and therefore you should be ready to face either of them. The key is to make her feel comfortable and encourage her to go overboard while enjoying the experience.

Stimulating clitoris and G-spot at once has produced much better results and longer spurts in females who tend to ejaculate during an orgasm. Therefore, you can always use this technique to excite her more while fingering.

You can either use your tongue to stimulate her, or you can even use a clitoral massager or vibrator to do the job for you. However, we recommend you to excite her orally, and nothing feels better than a throbbing and twisting, warm and wet tongue on the clitoris.

All of this will send her over the edge and chances of her squirting increases by a large extent even if she has never experienced it before.



Some Tips for Beginners

Now that you have learned some techniques it is time to understand the aspects that you should take care if you want to make your partner squirt passionately and wildly:

  • Even after following all the measures sometimes she is unable to squirt because of the stress and conditioning of her inner muscles. It is completely fine, and there is no need to get depressed about it. Squirting is only to give ultimate pleasure to your partner, but it is not the ultimate way of having sex, so there is no need to complain or feel sorry about if you are not able to make her squirt.

  • Make sure that you do not hurt your partner in the process of making her squirt. Always keep her comfort as the priority and do not do anything which can make her feel hurt or inconvenient. One of the best ways to do that is to use lubes and oils liberally before fingering or subjecting your partner to oral or digital pleasures.

  • By following all the above steps, you might not make her squirt or rare occasions, but you will always manage to keep her happy and to bring out her best orgasm to date.

  • Do not follow these steps as a technique. Learn from your own experiences and do your things by observing her reactions and expressions. Understanding the body language of your partner is an art, and those couples who have managed to master it are very happy indeed.

  • Always keep informing your partner about how you felt before and after ejaculation so that he or she can work on their techniques. Also, do not forget to tell them how much you loved it and always be appreciative of their efforts.

  • Give small gifts such as sex toys like cock rings that vibrate dildos, etc. to your partner to make them feel special. You can also buy her sexy lingerie to make her feel that she is wanted. These small things will keep your relation warm, and it will also reflect in your sex life.

Conclusive Thoughts

These were some of the methods by which you can make your partner squirt like crazy. Be patient and practice a lot as it is not an easy thing to achieve.

Also, do not get discouraged after a few unsuccessful attempts as success comes only to those who never give up and this applies to sexual relations and outcomes as well. If you have heard about other techniques, please share them with us.

Also, do not miss out on conveying your feedbacks and suggestions through comments. Enjoy squirting till then or if you are planning to make your partner squirt better keep it as secret and let her squirt naturally!

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