How to make a sextape that doesn’t suck

Have you ever watched a scene from a porn movie or a random sex tape and wondered how it would be like to star in your naughty flick? Have you watched a sex tape and thought that you could make a better one? Well, it appears today is your lucky day. ThePornDude is here today to give you a few tips on how to make one. You can also visit our top amateur porn sites category while at it and get more than a few suggestions. Without further ado…

The equipment

Don’t panic yet. I’m only talking about the camera. We all know that if you want to make a quality home movie (of any kind), the camera is of paramount importance. Good cameras are affordable and readily available, but if you want to make a sex tape that doesn’t suck, avoid webcams because the resolution sucks and then it is tethered to your PC. Furthermore, if you are going to tape yourself having sex just ten feet away, you may as well watch other people do it.

What to do? Invest in a good camera. You don’t need a pro‐grade HDV camcorder; you just need a camera with a good resolution and one that’s easy to handle.

Groom yourself

I understand that you are a clean guy but, listen carefully; the camera can pick up things you wouldn’t possibly see even with a massive amount of neck craning. I’m talking about your back, ass, and perineum. Trust me; you don’t want the viewer to be distracted by the hair in your butt crack.  While you may not need to shave that specific area, a bit of manscaping will make your tape more ‘viewer friendly.’ You should probably take a shower before shooting.

That way, you will be able to identify the problem areas. At the same time, the hair you may have down south will at least be clean and fluffy.

Enhance your performance

I know you are good in bed and all that, but even the best in business can have an off day. You have to bring your A-game if you don’t want to finish too soon. While you may have a bagful of tricks on how to fend off that orgasm, they may not necessarily work while you’re looking at yourself in the act on a 3-inch LCD screen. Again, taking a shower before the big shoot will be helpful.

You may also consider a romantic glass of wine with your partner. This will help in relieving some of that performance anxiety and make the two of you comfortable while filming. You don’t want your debut in the big time to be over before the opening credits. Also, put in mind that the tape will have a time code calculating your sexual prowess.

Sharing POV

It is as essential to change camera angles as it is for you to change sex positions. It may be exciting to be the voyeur, but the reason you are buying a lightweight camera is to be able to pass it back and forth quickly. Give your girlfriend (for the occasion anyway) the chance to film you as well. Give her the opportunity to choose what she wants to shoot. Remember she is also a partner in this. Otherwise, you will only be making a sex tape of a stranger fucking your girlfriend. The thing is, if you are both in the film, you will make her feel less self‐conscious once she watches it. Hell, she may even be willing to do it more than once if you are lucky.

Find the perfect angle

The thing that differentiates porn from real life sex is with porn; it is less about pleasure and more about getting the best angles that will make the video look good. In that regard, I will strongly advise you to watch a few porn videos and get an idea of where best to place your camera. By the bedside would be a great idea as you will be able to film both your bodies.

During the taping, don’t be afraid of trying different angles. You might even pause to check the footage (this is a real teaser). If you don’t like what you see, it is a cue for you to change the camera angle. However, be careful when pausing to check as this might kill off your boner.

Adjust your lighting

This might appear in minor detail, but lighting can make or break your sex tape. Proper lighting will make your video go from shadowy to near professional. However, lighting a sex tape is not easy. For starters, too much light can kill the mood, it might also affect people who are self-conscious about their bodies (which shouldn’t be the case by the way). To navigate this tricky part, you may use candlelight which is not only flattering to the body but also shows fewer details. You don’t want a light that proves too much.

Edit your video to make it watchable

Just like lighting, editing a video can be a complicated process that requires some schooling. For your sex video, you will have to know how to do one thing first and foremost, trimming the beginning and end.

There are high chances that your video is long and has some awkward moments you would want to edit. Loads of software are available to help you with that but for purposes of simplicity, trim your video using Windows Movie Maker by following the following steps:

  • Click Home > Add > Add videos and photos and select your video from your camera or SD card.
  • Under video tools, click Edit.
  • Drag the slider on the video preview to the point you want the video to start and click Set start point. Do the same at the end and click Set end point.


Above are some of the most important things that will enable you to make a good sex tape. However, make sure you are doing it for fun and not for blackmail. You should only film sex after agreeing with your partner. It is also good to decide with your co-star on the mutual destruction of the tape should the two of you break up to avoid unpredictable circumstances.

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