How to Sext With Emojis

Have you heard of these kooky new emojis the millennials are using? Have you gotten text messages from someone hot and you just can’t decode them? With all the emojis out there, it can be hard to sext, but here is a great guide to how to keep up with the times and have sexy texting conversations. Recently 72 new emoji were added to the set of emojis to use, making it even more complex!

1. The eggplant/banana ?/?

Well, the eggplant came first, but the banana is a more real life analogy for a cock. Most people prefer to use the eggplant as a sexting representation of dick, but with the banana popping on the scene, there are more options than ever for phallic sexting!

2. Blow Me ???

Any of these emoji would be perfect to simulate oral sex via your smartphone or tablet when sending a text. The tongue out emojis are pretty obvious, and the wind face, a newer addition to the crowd shamelessly suggests “blow me.”

3. Put it on video ??

These two cute emoji represent the fact that you would like your sexting partner to send you some video evidence of their sexiness, or perhaps just a picture. Or maybe it means that they would also like you to star in their latest sex tape!

4. BDSM ???⛓

If you’re a kinky sexter then these are essential emoji for you. Tell someone you’re going to give them a punishment or pour wax all over their bodies with the candle emoji or the ping pong paddle. Chains are also another one that will get the juices flowing for any BDSM lover.

5. Peach/Taco/hole ???

The peach usually means ass but some people believe it could mean pussy. As there is now a taco emoji, there is squarely one emoji for each side of the female anatomy. Ass sex and pussy sex now have their rightful emoji to define them during sexting. The hole is a more obvious analogy to the dick.

6. ?????✌️? (do I really need to define it?)

Holes love to have fingers in them and here are all the different emojis that show you how you could stick your fingers in someone’s holes. Whether it’s an asshole, a pussy or a mouth you will get lots of ideas and inspiration for hole fucking with fingers.

7. Fisting ?

Fisting is an act that not many people do, but this emoji is made specifically for those people. If you have a partner who can fit your entire fist in their orifices, keep them and hold onto them tightly because that’s a special talent!

There you have it! If you were wondering how to sext with emojis, you should no longer have any questions.

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