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How to Stay Hard During Sex LIKE A GOD – (100% Natural & Working) – 2019

Staying hard and erect is not a problem for some men as they are naturally healthy and fit. However, men who are not able to maintain the firmness and hardness of their erection are no less either as they are just facing some health issues, stress problems and maybe even a chemical imbalance.

Therefore, such men should try to stay away from bad eating and sleeping habits and must also stay away from an addiction to drugs, smoking, and alcohol.

Now many of you might question us that we never indulge in addictions and neither sleep nor ear poorly but still we have problems in staying hard and erect. It is perfectly natural to face this issue, and even healthy men face it because they are not aware of the fine balance that the body has to maintain to remain sexually fit.

Today we are going to discuss methods which will help to stay erect and hard on the bed so that you do not embarrass in front of your partner. These are some of the ways that can help you stay hard for a longer time.


How to GET Hard and STAY Hard During Sex


Advice #1 Use Desensitizers

Despite being healthy, some men are not able to maintain their erection and hardness for long. The reason for this can be many, but it is usually due to their lack of stamina and sexual energy.

Therefore, instead of consuming sex enhancing capsules and medications one can use the desensitising gels and sprays that have been launched in the market. These desensitisers need to be applied on the external surface of your penis and do not have any side effects.

You can apply them a few minutes before having sex, and it makes the skin and tip of your penis less sensitive towards sexual stimulation. As a result, you can stay hard for a longer duration, and it also helps to improve your timing in bed.

Many men use it to extend their sex timing and have successfully added several minutes while having intercourse. However, men must avoid using it too much as overuse can do permanent damage to your penis. Therefore, it is preferable to use it only a couple of times in a month.


Advice #2 Consume Viagra

Viagra has been used by men for many years now and is beneficial for those men who have a problem in getting a hard erection in the first place. It also helps those men who lose their erection quickly while having sex. Therefore, if you wish to stay hard for a longer time, then you can consume Viagra for sure.

However, one must also remember that Viagra does not help people who are facing the issue of premature ejaculation. It also does not help people who are having a low libido or sexual energy. It also does not help people to fight tiredness while having sex.

All it does is improving the blood flow to your penis and testicles so that you can achieve a long and hard erection.

Some people have also noticed a considerable improvement in timing when they consume Viagra, but it does no good to their confidence as they know that all the power is coming from Viagra.

Some people feel that just consuming Viagra is enough to get their penis hard and strong. However, it is not true. It is just a temporary cure and does not help to improve the strength and stamina of your penis in the long run.

Also, Viagra will not help you to get an instant erection if you are not in a stimulated and aroused state and therefore one must not rely too much on Viagra and such other sexual supplements. Viagra can also help people who are suffering from ED.

Some people also consume caffeine while having sex to increase their sexual prowess but it is also a temporary way as the best way to improve your stamina and strength is to remain fit by exercising regularly.


However, it must also be noted that Viagra is not suitable for everyone. It is meant only for adult men who are sexually active. Following people should stay away from Viagra:

  • Men who are facing kidney, heart and liver issues must never consume Viagra.

  • Men below 18 years must also refrain from consuming Viagra.

  • If you have suffered from a stroke or heart attack recently, then you must stay away from Viagra.

  • If your eyes are weak and prone to diseases, then you must avoid having Viagra.

  • Those who are consuming medications to cure chest pain must avoid Viagra at all costs.

  • People who suffer from side effects or allergies after consuming medicines should stay away from it.

  • Men suffering from low blood pressure should stay away from Viagra.

  • Viagra is meant only for men, and therefore female should not have it.

What other medications that can help me stay hard longer?

There are some other medications which have the same effect as Viagra has and therefore can be consumed after consulting a doctor:

  • Levitra – Levitra is a good option as compared to Viagra for people who have a habit of drinking occasionally. Therefore, it can also be consumed while having food and tends to keep your erections hard for a long time.

  • Spedra – Viagra, and Levitra tend to work slowly and need plenty of arousals to work efficiently. However, Spedra works must faster and keep you hard and long for the same period as the other medications do.


Advice #3 Research and Consider “Devices”

If you are not able to maintain your erection hard, then you can try masturbating using a penis pump or a penis ring.

A penis pump is a device which creates a vacuum with the help of its suction ability and stimulates your penis. They help the blood flow faster and in sufficient quantity to your penis, and you get hard quickly.

Penis pumps with vibrators are too available for men who wish to enjoy their masturbation session. Such penis pumps can also be used by men who are suffered from ED. They also prove to be instrumental in revamping the muscle parts of your penis and help to improve the strength of your penis in the long run.

Due to all these advantages, we advise people to use penis rings or pumps instead of medications and sex enhancing pills.


Other Methods

Premature ejaculation is a common problem faced by men who are fat and unhealthy. Therefore one can adhere to different fitness regimes and exercises to build their libido. Obese men suffer from ailments like sugar, blood pressure (low & high), cholesterol and hormonal instability.

Therefore, exercising regularly from a very early age is a great way to maintain your sexual prowess and ability to stay hard for a long time. Men who follow an unhealthy lifestyle are more prone to suffer from ED and PE (premature ejaculation).

Thus, you need to quit all those things that hamper your health. Following are the ways to return to a healthy lifestyle:

  • QUIT SMOKING: Smoking directly affects the production of testosterone which is the most important thing when it comes to sexual health. Therefore, if you a smoker or a chain smoker then you need to quit smoking on an immediate basis. If you are not able to control your smoking urge, then you can also take medications or take help from a doctor to quit smoking.

  • LIMIT DRINKING: Though drinking is not as bad as smoking, it too negatively hampers your sex life especially if you drink daily. Therefore, limit your drinking to just once or twice a week if you wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  • DRINK MORE WATER: Most people forget to drink plenty of water, and this hampers their sexual life apart from the various other ailments and concerns it can cause. Drinking plenty of water washes out all the waste and harmful radicals from the body in the form of urine and faeces. It also revamps your sexual energy and libido and acts as a hormone stabiliser as well. Therefore, try drinking at least 3 to 4 litres of water every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • REDUCE STRESS: Stress is another factor which hampers your libido and has a direct impact on your erection. Stress forces your brain and body to focus on other aspects of life, and due to this, the body forgets its sexual organs and other systems that complement your health. Thinking too much is a normal cause of stress, and therefore one must try to avoid negative thoughts and ideas as long as possible. Be cheerful, make new friends and think positive all the time. Indulge in different activities, acquire new hobbies and make your life much more meaningful to eliminate stress and tension permanently from your life.

  • EAT HEALTHY: Poor eating habits also have a negative effect on your health and sex making ability. Healthy food like green veggies, dry fruits, fish, eggs, etc. are important for boosting the production of testosterone in your body which directly improves your sexual health. Therefore we recommend people to follow a balanced diet to get rid of all the problems related to sex and other health issues as well.

Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Zinc are the most important nutrients that improve the production of testosterone in your body and therefore food which provides them must be consumed on a regular basis. Dry fruits like almond, pistachios, and cashews must be included in the diet.

Lemon, sweet lime, oranges, and other limes can be included in the diet for a rich supply of vitamin C. Fruits like red berries; grapes and banana also have a positive effect on your sexual prowess. Fish, red meat and eggs also boost the production of testosterone and therefore can be included in your daily diet.

You can also include the dietary supplements to provide all the nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy testosterone level in your body. All of this will have a direct impact on your penis and your ability to maintain its erectness for a long time will also be enhanced significantly.

Also, you need to avoid bad habits like watching porn films and masturbating or having sex too frequently if you wish to improve the strength and stamina of your penis.

Also, avoid thinking about sex too much because over stimulating your genitals will make it less sensitive towards arousals and that will have a negative impact on your erection as well.

Therefore, to maintain a hard and firm erection all you have to do is maintain a positive mindset, eat and drink healthy, quit addictions and improve your relationship with your lover.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the methods which will help your erection to stay hard for a long duration. Most of them are natural methods and can be followed without any prescription.

However, if you are still not able to tackle some of the issues such as premature ejaculation and ED, then you will have to consult a doctor or a specialist. Hope these bits of information help you tackle your sex related problems and also do not forget to convey your feedbacks and suggestions to us.

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