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How to Use a Fleshlight (2019)

There are many sex toys for male and female on the market. One of the most popular sex toys for a male is Fleshlight. It is made of soft, realistic like skin material called Reel Feel super skin nestled in a hard-plastic casing. It looks like a large flashlight that is why got the name “Fleshlight”.

Easy to use in various ways, it will give you the pleasure of real sex and satisfy your horny need. It may be the most revolutionary sex toy for a male that can be found. Since it’s portable, you can take it anywhere and do the thing. It is designed to give extreme pleasure and fulfil your kink in every possible way.

Regular use of fleshlight can also help you from premature ejaculation allowing you to control speed and penetration. It may be one of the best, if not the best pocket pussies available on the market.

If you want to show the better sex side and impress your girl with your stamina and skills, fleshlight can be a goon in your life. There are many ways to use the fleshlight according to your need, some of the common methods are described below.

Getting Started with a Fleshlight


#1 Warm and Wash Your Fleshlight

Before you could use the fleshlight, it should be washed and warmed. You would not want to insert your dick in a cold fleshlight, a bit warmer would do the trick. Firstly, unscrew the top of the plastic holder and take out the soft sleeve.

You should be careful while washing since it is made of mineral oil and does not cooperate well with most of the cleaning products. You can simply rinse the sleeve with oil-free soap and mild water to make it warm and clean. You can also clean the sleeve with nice thin cloth, dipped in warm water.

However, you must remember not to use hot boiling water because it can damage the sleeve. You may also think a microwave as an option to warm the sleeve, but that won’t work. The sleeve will be damaged if you try it in the microwave. Another easy way to clean and warm the sleeve is using a sink.

You can fill the sink with mildly warm water and flesh wash (flesh wash is specially designed to wash cyberskin). Then fully submerge the sleeve with the help of anything you can get your hand on. Otherwise, it will float and won’t heat thoroughly.

If you use the sleeve within a couple of minutes, you won’t get the pleasure you wanted since it’s not fully heated. Therefore, don’t rush to use the sleeve and have some patience. When you think it’s done, shake the sleeve to take out water left inside, or you can use a clean to cloth to dry it out.

Now you can put the sleeve inside the plastic case and have some fun.


#2 Lube the Fleshlight

The fleshlight is pretty tight; you can barely insert two fingers at a time. Hence, lubing is necessary to ensure you enjoy rather than hurt your dick. You have to use water based lubricant in this case since oil-based lubricant will deteriorate the sleeve.

Take enough of lube on your hand and rub deep inside the fleshlight. Once you are done, use the same hand to lube your penis as well. Give yourself a nice handjob until you dick erects and ready to penetrate the fleshlight.

You can also use a condom if you don’t want to cum inside the fleshlight and spend a lot of time cleaning it. On the other hand, if you want to feel real sex like excitement rubbing your penis skin inside the fleshlight, don’t use a condom.

Get a towel and wipe the lube off your hands to get a better grasp on the fleshlight.


#3 Suction Adjustment

Before you start using the flashlight, you should know about the suction which is significant for your enjoyment. The bottom end cap of the fleshlight also screws off. You can adjust the tightness of the cap to control the suction produced by the fleshlight.

Tighter the cap more will be the suction and vice versa. Slide in your penis and try for yourself to adjust the suction that suits you. This is very crucial because it will decide the level of pleasure you will get from the fleshlight.

Suction may also vary in different types of fleshlights, and some will satisfy you with high suction and some will with low.


#4 Manual Use

If you are in a hurry and want to get over quickly, you can manually use the fleshlight to satisfy yourself. Hold the fleshlight with your hands and insert the penis. You can either move the fleshlight into the penis just like masturbation or hold the fleshlight still and slide in-out for yourself.

However you do it, you will fancy the excitement and have a satisfactory orgasm.


#5 Fleshlight Mount

If you want your hands to be free and enjoy the fleshlight in more of a realistic way, shower mount can be a good option. The fleshlight shower mount is flexible, an adjustable accessory that can be mounted on a wall. It uses a strong suction cup which helps the shower mount to keep in a place.

You can mount the fleshlight in the shower with smooth, clean and drywall and adjust in an angle to make you comfortable to slide in. Fulfil your shower fantasy with this mount but be careful not to slip while getting over-excited.

Make sure you hold on to something firm in your bathroom while doing the action. What better places than your bathroom to use the fleshlight, easy to clean up the mess you are going to make. Clean the fleshlight and store in a safe place once you are done.


#6 Fleshlight in a Shoe

One of the easiest and simplest way to use a fleshlight is using a shoe. You don’t need the effort to use it and still enjoy. Any shoe with good grip will work but if you have a sneaker that will be great. This method is ideal if you want to pound in missionary position and fantasise.

Insert your fleshlight in the sneaker with bottom end going inside and tie the shoelace so that the fleshlight won’t move. You can now kneel and insert slowly and carefully inside the fleshlight to enjoy one of your favourite sex position.

Try not to over-thrust without experiment first, or you will get some serious injuries.


#7 Mattress Method

You can use your bed for pounding even if you don’t have a partner. Fleshlight will give you the feeling that you wish to get from your partner. You can put the fleshlight between the two mattresses if you have two of them or use pillows instead.

The height of the bed will decide how much you have to bend or lean forward to thrust the fleshlight. Your hands will be free to hold on to the bed and pound hard as much as you like.

You don’t have to worry about fleshlight moving since it is tucked between the mattresses unless you can move the whole bed with your powerful thrust. Make sure you have a towel or some sort of clothes ready with you, in case you cum with loads of fizz.


#8 Electric Blanket for a Warmer Feeling

An electric blanket with changeable heat setting can be very useful to try out a fleshlight. Fold the electric blanket into many layers from its length and create a rectangular pile. Take the sleeve out of the plastic case and put it in the middle of the blanket pile.

Now you need to tie the blanket so that the sleeve won’t move from its place. Turn on the blanket with regular monitoring the heat otherwise, and the sleeve will be damaged. Once you are happy with the warmth of the sleeve lower the heat and hold down the blanket with a pillow.

Now you can insert your dick slowly inside the warm sleeve and enjoy the ride in doggy style. Also, if you want to fantasise anal sex, you can use the rear part of the sleeve which has a small hole.


#9 Fleshlight with an iPad Case

An iPad case also is known as the Launchpad is useful for fleshlight while watching your favourite videos and pictures. Though it only works in 3rd and 4th generations iPad, it gives an amazing experience for you. If you are in a long-distance relationship, video calls your partner for some naughty actions.

You can thrust the fleshlight while watching your partner’s naked body or her kinky actions. Velcro straps fix your fleshlight underneath the iPad with a tight grip to experience the fun. You will love the launchpad since you can watch videos while thrusting and get into the mood without any imagination.


#10 Cleaning the Fleshlight

Once you are done with thrusting and pounding the fleshlight, it’s time to clean it up and keep in good condition so that you can use later on. Gladly, it’s very simple and easy to clean up the fleshlight. Remove the sleeve from the plastic holder and rinse with mild hot water thoroughly.

If you want to use soap for cleaning make sure that the soap is not oil-based because it can damage the fleshlight. Don’t scrub it with harmful soaps and try to be a little gentle while cleaning it.

When you are done with cleaning the lube and probably semen in the fleshlight, let it dry fully before you put it in the plastic casing. Shake as much as you can to bring out the remaining water from the fleshlight. Letting dry is significant because mould ore mildew may build up on the fleshlight.


Final Thoughts

If you like thrusting fleshlight, then you can purchase various designs that are available on the market. While you are frequently using the fleshlight, it can ruin within a short span of time. So, it’s better to have a few of them in stock for your refreshment.

There are not any specific ways to use the fleshlight, and you can do whatever you feel like to do. What matters the most is your dick penetrating the fleshlight and giving a wonderful orgasm. You can create your sophisticated style to enjoy the fleshlight if you like to have sex a lot or know the sex positions.

Besides thrusting, you can also use the fleshlight to practice kissing, rimming, and licking to give the pleasure, your partner always wanted.


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