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@HSugarCookie Names @ValeNappi ‏as First-Ever Miss Sugarcookie for August 2017

British adult performer Harriet Sugarcookie, founder of the UK’s top men’s adult lifestyle site, is pleased to introduce Valentina Nappi as its inaugural Miss Sugarcookie of the Month for August 2017.

“What is Miss Sugarcookie? It’s our way of celebrating some of the most amazing women to be featured on the website,” writes Sugarcookie of the new monthly event in her new online post.

A 1-1/2 minute-long SFW YouTube teaser, “Breakfast”, sets a relaxed tone alongside Nappi’s Miss Sugarcookie designation, with Sugarcookie and Nappi making food and lounging together in bed as the song “Worth the While” by Kata featuring Filip Leforce lilts in the background.

“We need someone who encapsulates everything we love and respect from the porn industry… who we admire and truly appreciate. Valentina Nappi has all of these qualities and more, and we’re honoured to have the opportunity to really share her more personal side.”

Sugarcookie’s girl crush on the gorgeous Italian porn star is evident from the glowing articles written about Nappi over the past three years.

“She is beautiful, and we say that with full meaning,” adds Sugarcookie. “She doesn’t compromise herself, she doesn’t settle. Valentina Nappi does Valentina Nappi, and she kicks ass at it.”

The award-winning is an online mixture of the star’s personal style – ‘Playboy for Geeks’ – featuring blog musings, advice columns, celebrity gossip, sci-fi/fantasy articles, favorite recipes and amateur sex scene clips – to create an engaging mix of provocative adult entertainment, with monthly traffic regularly topping over 300,000 visitors.

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