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Hurricane Irene Striking East Coast

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I was all packed and ready to head out of Florida to escape Hurricane Irene, when the models changed and she began a more eastward track. Kept one eye on the forecast and the other on my computer as I hurried to finish my work on a deadline. Luckily, after some heavy winds and rain yesterday Irene moved on. Luckily for me and South Florida that is. Now she is headed directly for the barrier islands of North Carolina. Evacuations there started yesterday. With winds currently at 100 MPH and high waves NC is begining to feel the storms. With a track showing  a path touching all the northeastern coastal states, we are in for a long windy, wet, scary weekend. Everyone stay safe, and let me know what you experience from the storm.


Hurricane Irene continues its churn toward the U.S. East Coast, and all indications are this storm will be, as President Obama said, “historic.” Here are some events that weather experts say could develop over the next 48 hours:

— Irene is bringing gusty winds, heavy rain and dangerous surf to the South Carolina coast today.

— North Carolina will be pounded by Irene’s forces Friday night and Saturday.

— Irene will head north Sunday, hitting a large swath from Virginia to Maine.

— Major metro areas of Philadelphia, New York and Boston should brace for possible widespread damage, including major flooding, as Irene hits Sunday.

— The strongest of Irene’s power will be to the east of its center.

— Widespread power outages are expected over a large section of the Northeast.

— New York’s metro transit system will be shut down at noon Saturday.

— East Coast travel will be severely disrupted starting tonight. Hundreds of flights and Amtrak train lines have been canceled.

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