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Hustler Fined for NO Condoms

NL- While this really sucks that they got fined. I’d have to say that Larry Flynt will be the one to help us all get this crap thrown out. Because we all know that Mr Flynt stands up for what he believes in, and as corny as it sounds, I believe in him!

By Dennis Romero  from  Larry Flynt’s Hustler Video was slammed by the state this month for — get this — failing to require condoms for its adult performers.
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which filed a complaint against Hustler, a.k.a. LFP Video Group LLC, planned to cheer on the state’s enforcement at a press conference this morning.

Among the accusations cited by the state: Failure to control exposure to bloodborne pathogens, failure to provide physical protection against such pathogens, and failure to have an injury and illness prevention program.

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal/OSHA, has stated in the past that condoms are, in fact, required on porn sets to prevent the transmission of bloodborne pathogens, but that it doesn’t always have the resources to enforce the rules.

But with AHF stepping up and pointing out major porn-makers like Hustler, Vivid Entertainment and 14 other video productions houses, Cal/OSHA has a focus for its enforcement.

AHF wants Cal/OSHA rules to more-specifically target the porn industry. The porn industry says if condoms are enforced, production will move underground and out of state — where things will be even more dangerous for performers.

Larry Flynt just says no to condoms.

The foundation argues that condoms could save lives, period. AHF president Michael Weinstein stated late Wednesday:
Larry Flynt and his LFP Video Group join the ranks of a growing list of adult film producers and distributers cited by Cal/OSHA for failing to properly follow workplace safety regulations on their adult film sets with regard to condom use and other safety precautions. One area Flynt was cited and fined for under Cal/OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Program, Personal Protective Equipment–i.e. for failing to use condoms or other barrier protection. We thank Cal/OSHA officials for stepping up to enforce state regulations designed to protect the workplace safety of adult film workers by citing and fining LFP and other adult film producers in California.
Larry Flynt has said himself that condoms ain’t gonna happen — not in his films.

Worst case scenario for Hustler? $14,000 in fines that, we’re sure, Flynt would gladly pay. Call this chapter California vs. Larry Flynt.

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