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Hyde writes: I’ve posed this question to XPT’s army of LukeFord-Wannabees on several occasions, but I’ve yet to receive any sort of direct answer. So I figured it was time to go straight to the “moral leader” himself.
Many forum regulars -most notably but not exclusively, your own sycophantic mini-me Da Burglar- are quick to make posts admonishing female performers for their lack of “self-respect and dignity”, or their willingness to submit to acts of vile degradation.
On several occasions I’ve asked these well-meaning champions of the fallen to explain why it is that the female performers in particular are always singled out for reproach. Why, for instance, is it more undignified for a woman to fuck on film than for a man? [as the self-respect and dignity of male performers is seldom called into question]. Why also, for that matter, is it more degrading for a person to perform in porn than it is for someone to purchase and masturbate to porn? Should I feel morally superior to the woman I’m jerking off to because my degradation is occurring in private? Does it not count if no one knows? Do the directors, producers, distributors, and retailers have a right to feel morally superior to the women [and men] whom they exploit for profit? It seems to me that none of these people are in a position to pass judgment. It may be valid to pass judgment on someone’s substance abuse if you don’t do drugs… or someone’s parenting skills if you’ve raised a child. But to pass judgment on someone for the career path they’ve chosen while you’re jacking off to the work they’ve done and indirectly paying them to do that work, just seems the absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy.
And it is, after all, our consumer dollars that motivate these people to perform in porn in the first place. If it wasn’t lucrative, there’d be no impetus to do it. So if these concerned Samaritans really want to see these poor, wretched, exploited women choose another path, maybe they should save the lectures and start off by redirecting their annual porn budget into scholarship funds, eh?

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