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I AM IVAN films girl on girl in the backseat of his car!

by Ivan from (Ivan is an awesome director for Anabolic)


A few weeks back I had the privilege to shoot two girls I have shot on few other occasions. Both are friends and both are beyond cute little teens. Dakoda Brookes did her first Double Vag. and Nicole Ray did her first scene for Bring ‘um Young #27 and then they both did their first creampies for Creamplosions #3. AFter they both did such great jobs for my movies I decided to pair them up for Sweet & Petite #4. Talk about a hot combination. I bought some cute matching outfits with knee high socks. Too perfect for too perfectly cute girls. On the way up to the location we stopped off at AM/PM where the girls ran in to buy stuff for the shoot. The look on the customer’s daces were prices. The entire time I am running my IamIVAN BTS camera. And through the entire day as well. And that footage will be on some very fun BTS to come shortly. What happened next was a first for me in my five years in the industry. While the camera rolled Dakoda began playing with herself in the front seat of the truck. Nicole looked over Dakoda’s shoulder in excitement as Dakoda used her vibrator on herself. Then suddenly Dakoda jumps back into the backseat area and starts eating out Nicole. I handed the camera over to the girls as they played with each other and ate each other out.

I took side streets to avoid being spotted. This was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I had to work extra hard to be the “professional and respectful Ivan” as the girls as me if um I wanted to be involved. I kept my hands on the steering wheel and my eyes on the rear view mirror. The scene of course was amazing and I have some awesome memories from these two little chickies.

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