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I am NOT Sophia Mounds- says Wayne mcdanial

 “Someone” sends me this e-mail-

My name Is Wayne Mcdanial. I am not Sophia Mounds. Is that what “chiken shit” Jeremy steal wishes? Jeremy Steel must have really loved that pussy to always be talking about Sophia Mounds. Why would any “sane” human being put himself or herself threw that?

I hate pussys! I am going to kick his fucking ass.   Jeremy’s a joke and so are you. Your miserable fuck’s who’s only purpose in life is to fuck people over. Don’t you think she has had enough? Aren’t you afraid she might sue you? What gives you the right to treat anyone that way? Who the fuck are you? Are you God? Your a stupid bitch!

I hate men who abuse women. It’s really apparent that Jeremy is an abuser and has an obsession with Sophia. He can’t stop talking about her. I hope Sophia kicks your ass. Lick my balls cunt! They say your like a record that’s been over played. Their right! You can’t seem to shut up.


I send this e-mail back to “someone”-

Dear Wayne,
So you are Sophia’s boyfriend? And you don’t care if I print your e-mail obviously. You think someone should sue me for only stating the truth? Perhaps someone will sue you for threatening bodily harm to them.

For someone that isn’t Sophia, I find it funny that you make the same spelling mistakes as she does.  Maybe you are “SOLE” mates!

I don’t think she has had enough, because she continues to talk about me, and likes to take all my stories and post them on her site, and then comment on them.  It seems if anyone is obsessed, it is she with me.

You didn’t even spell your last name, Mcdanial, correctly, lmao.

NL- Dear Readers & Commenters, Would you prefer we abandon Sophia? Block her e-mail and IP address so she can no longer comment, and just ignore her? If you have had your fill, and are sick of her moronic ramblings let me know. I’ll take my cue from you.

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