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I Bought The SB800 Nikon Speedlight…

and a quantum battery for my NikonD100…following the advice of Gordon, the Filipino photographer. I bought the new equipment because I have a hard time getting focus in the dark. I want to still aim for realism and for unposed shots.

I also snagged a Sony HVL-HL1 Video Light for my camcorder and a $100 tripod but I’m returning the tripod because I don’t think I’ll use it. Too heavy and too much bother.

A porner says: “Are you buying new equipment because of the criticism that your red carpet pictures have received in the past? Personally, I enjoy the realism. I find it interesting to see what everyone looks like without make-up artists, flattering light and retouching. Sometimes when we’re booking models I look to see if you have any pictures of them so that I know what they really look like.”

A source writes: “One of the other heavy-duty editors on Wikipedia said that “the Luke Ford license has probably brought more images to the Wikipedia than any other single image permission request.” Tell that out to those nay-sayers the next time they bitch about the”quality” of your pictures!”

Marco writes: “You might want to consider EDITING your photos before you put them up. The over or under exposed ones, and the ones where the girls are blinking, picking their noses, etc., could all be thrown out, and your photography would seem much better for it.”

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