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I know I should try harder- Advertising on LIB

I suck at selling anything to anyone, which is probably why I don’t try to do it. See most of the people that advertise on LIB is because they wrote and asked me about it.

Truthfully if you have a great company/product or a new movie you are crazy not to have it showing up here everyday, because it would be in the face of 5000 plus people, both industry types and fans. And that number isn’t from some inflated blog rating, or some antiquated alexis numbers. That is from my Google Analytics report.

For as little as $100 a month you could be showing off right here, right now. You “ain’t” gonna get a better deal anywhere else. Nor are you going to get someone who is honest with you about who and how many are actually seeing your ad.

If you are paying a couple grand or three to be on one page in a mag so people can see it while flipping through, do you think that has more of an impact then the people who come here every day to read the newest posts and see your ad hundreds of times? Naw….

If you want to advertise here, I’ll be truthful with you about everything, mostly because I am not a sales person who knows how to bullshit. Naive? maybe. Truthful? definitely. Bullshiter? never.

And if you are a really good sales person who wants to sell ads for LIB contact me, if I can get  you  be real, and be real nice, you might actually be able to get yourself a part time job.

[email protected]

If you are trying to SELL me something, or build me a theater, or give me a percentage of MY sales, don’t do me any favors. I know how affiliate programs work, and am doing just fine with them. I don’t talk to anyone who is selling something I wouldn’t buy. Because if I wouldn’t buy it, I won’t try and push it on my readers. and if your product is that great, buy an ad and sell it yourself on my site. Don’t ask me to sell if for you and give me a percentage….

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