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I know where Lexxi Tyler is! (She is in my e-mail box)

From PornStarBabylon

Darrah writes- Whenever I try contacting someone, it usually ends up not going anywhere. They either don’t want to talk to me because many think I’m crazy. Or I don’t know who to contact. But I’m a complete outsider in this business. So how can someone in the business not know where to find these girls? Don’t people in the industry know how to contact one another and which agency or company to contact?

Jeff Mullen writes: Dr. Jay is trying to locate Lexxi Tyler, Sophia Santi and Sammie Rhodes so that they can receive their beautiful plaques honoring them as an Adult DVD Must-See Girl of 2009.

The plaques are in Hollywood at the All Media Play offices and can be picked up or shipped off to the recipient. We are trying to help Dr. Jay out by getting his awards to the proper girls but apparently these porn starlets are as hard to find as Osama bin Laden.

Unfortunately we are not in the detective business so trying to track down elusive porn actresses is a job best handled by Columbo, Barretta or Starsky & Hutch.

If you or any of your readers know the whereabouts of any of these girls, please let them know they can contact us at 323.467.9900 if they want their award.

Thanks, Jeff Mullen- P.S. BTW- none of these girls stars in our upcoming Not Three’s Company XXX sitcum because our casting director couldn’t find them.

NL- I’ll take care of Lexxi Tyler for you Jeff.  I’ve been talking to Lexxi just about everyday lately as she is trying to send me some hot pictures of herself ( that the post office refuses to deliver to me) so I can do a cover story and an interview with her. So I’ll drop her an e-mail and let her know about this award.

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