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I like Weird- Amputees anyone?

I have always liked people who were “strange” and I mean that in a positive way, especially if they were able to embrace their differences, show self esteem and be okay with being who they are.

 I came across a website today that is all about Pedro, he’s a black man who had one of his legs amputated from above the knee. You can see Pedro’s site here.  (You have to click enter and go down to #22 there is a free clip with a hot big boobed black chick))

He has no problem getting sex from  all kinds of girls, whether they are adorable or  trashy. And the girls that do him, seem to enjoy doing it!

Pedro does it all on his site. He is totally comfortable with his missing leg, and some of the girls seem to get off on it. (figurativly and mentally!)


I am very open-minded about different fetishes. I hope Pedro has a fan club. Looking at his missing leg is not my thing. It almost grosses me out, sorry Pedro. But I would love to interview you and ask you a whole bunch of questions about living with it, and how it helps and hurts your sex life. .

According to his website, you shouldn’t feel sorry for Pedro. He may only have one leg, but he has  an 11 inch cock that rips apart beautiful girls, and he’s out to prove that he’s the only amputee Pornstar in the world! Do you think we should create another award category?

Congrads Pedro, you are one in a trillion, and i hope your site makes you the big bucks.

You can see more at this link- PEDRO AMPUTEE SEX SITE (click enter & go to #22)

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