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I Love Me Some Riley Steele. Don’t you?

There are a lot of really beautiful girls in porn, but one of my favorite has always been Riley Steele. But what has she been up to lately?

Riley Steele as I’m sure you all know got her start as a Digital Playground contract star alongside fellow blonde hottie, Jesse Jane.

But when Manwin (now Mindgeek) bought the company, their incredibly hot contract stars soon took off for greener pastures. When this happened many like myself worried that meant girls like Riley Steele might retire from porn for good.

In fact when she ended her contract with Digital Playground, Riley Steele ended up taking some time off – That took place on July 2012.

Lucky for her legion of fans, that didn’t last long and on September 20, 2013 she signed an exclusive deal with Axel Braun Productions, who himself is under contract with Wicked Pictures.

It gets a little confusing, I know … but the long and short of it is, the very sexy Riley Steele is still very much out there making movies and hasn’t gone anywhere.

Here is a picture of Riley Steele in an Axel Braun called Farmer Girls.

Riley Steele in Farmers Girls

Of course there are also sites dedicated to sharing Riley Steele porn videos.

How did someone as hot as her get into porn in the first place? Well years ago when Pirates (the first one) was released, she traveled to Hollywood to a in store signing and got the autograph of several of the stars in the movie, including Jesse Jane who told her she should consider doing porn herself. Jesse Jane even went as far as giving Riley her number and told her to give her a call.

Riley Steele didn’t however contacting Digital Playground for years and when she did they signed her to an exclusive contract that very day. The first movie they released featuring her was Naked Aces 5 in 2008.

To date she has been nominated for 14 AVN awards. Even more amazing is that she has won 11 of those. This is an abnormally high percentage, but only speaks to just how great she really is.

Fans can follow this blonde goddess on Twitter at @XXXRiley.

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