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I love Will Ryder and Kacey is Doing Well

Thanks for pointing me in this direction Monica. I agree Will Ryder (aka Jeff Mullen)  is a knight in shining armour. Monica’s blog about it here


Will Ryder writes on his blog

Sometimes life is funny but not in an entertaining way. We had a great time in Vegas but I find myself right back in Sin City for an unscheduled visit. It turns out a dear friend of mine was a bit depressed and wrote on Twitter she was killing herself.  Upon release from the hospital she was left alone in a hotel room so I dropped everything and flew back to make sure she is OK. She is for now but I marvel at the young because the older you get you realize problems are only temporary. I wish I could wave a magic wand for her but I cannot so the best is a shoulder to cry on and some old jokes and a few word of love. I do really have love for this girl and I guess that is what I have to offer. I am 50 and she is a 22 year old beauty but sometimes you do what you can and this is that time. I hope somebody cares for me if I ever need it but moments like this make me appreciate what I have and I am happy I can make a difference in somebody’s life especially when they are too young to ever go away like that. Maybe some think I am nuts to fly out here but to me there was never an option. After all I am the former AVN  Director of the Year and one of my actresses needed me and maybe in some strange way I needed her too. Life is complicated but she is sleeping like an angel now and that is how I prefer things to be.


NL-I have told by someone close to Kacey that she is doing fine and is back in LA surrounded by friends.

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