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I RULE THE WORLD! (says @badboysjuice ) -UPDATE

UPDATE- BTW, I just tried to tweet Roger myself, but his account is on private so no one can see his tweets. When I sent him a follow request, I was told he blocked me. Wow what a tough guy, huh? Sends me threatening emails, but is afraid I might talk to him? Well here’s his high school picture in 1980, so maybe he has issues-


NL-I rule the world and am in charge of the statements of all it’s citizens. Just ask this Roger guy! He sent me the below email. So now I am responsible for what other people say on twitter! I am the great and powerful Oz….

 Fun & games are over Cindi! Time to get Jon **** , Whiteacre &  Sean**** off of NN’s (Nica Noelle, @Nnoelle) & Ms. Seraph’s (@JanuarySeraph) case! Don’t know what your role is with Healing Wave but you have the power to make the harassment cease & desist!  They are not bitches , cunts or skanks…they are ladies! If not I will work to contact every company that has a banner on your site, forward them the harassing tweets your “boys” have been sending to them. Know you don’t care if they are hassled or not but know you care about $ & that you wouldn’t want to lose any out of your pocket! You better start thinking what is more important: the jollies you & they are getting in making these women life hell or losing clients! Your call! You can make this real easy or hard!  I have plenty of time to do my own investigating!                                                      Have a very nice day & even better weekend!!!                                                                                                                                                                                            @badboysjuice (just ask @furfamily & @mrwhiteacre…they’ll know ? !!! )


NL- Oh and can someone tell me what the hell is “Healing Wave”?

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