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I talked to War Machine & Alec Knight- the latest in the Saga

The party and the fight were on Saturday. I talked to War Machine a few times on Sunday & Monday on Twitter DM. He is doing an e-mail interview for me, but frankly it got screwed up or we would have it right now. The night he consented to doing it (Monday) I wrote it, e-mailed it and went to bed. But by the time I checked my twitter the next day (12 hours later) , he had never gotten it. I re-sent it, but not sure where he was by that point. Because I have not heard back from him again, yet.

He said on Sunday that he hated wasting money on bail and I took that to mean he had been jailed and let out. I was wrong, he was speaking about the future. He had not been in jail at that point.

Last we spoke, I told him the police were looking for him and he laughed and said they are not. The police knew where he was because his lawyer had already spoken to them and WM was going to go in to see LAPD with his lawyer and do what  WM called a walk through booking. WM also said that he was not worried.

Wednesday night around 9pm WM left a message saying WM Lives. I don’t think you can do that from jail, so I’ll probably be hearing from him today.

I also spoke to Alec Knight who seems to have gotten the worst injuries in the War Machine Rampage, and Alec has Staples in his head! He doesn’t remember anything that happened to him. But he is going back to the doc on Monday to get the staples removed ( ugh, poor thing, it hurts just to TYPE that sentence)




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