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I TRIED To watch the X-Biz Awards….

I hope all of you who attended the live event had a blast. Unfortunately, us that stayed home hoping to watch on the live feed were very disappointed. 

I live on the East Coast, the awards weren’t even starting until at least midnight my time, but I’m a trooper and I stayed up to watch. (Plus I was downloading pictures of the captivating Kimberly Kane, so that helped to keep me awake)

On the Xbiz site there was a small box on the right hand side that said something like watch the live video feed of the Xbiz Awards here, brought to you by Video Secrets.

So I clicked the box, nothing happened. I looked around the site trying to see if I could get in some other way. I even went to Video, nothing there, except a banner announcing that they were an Xbiz Award Winner.

After clicking furiously on the box, ( you know how when you are pissed somehow if you hit the button multiple times and harder then you need too, it seems to make you feel better?) finally a white arrow appeared and I clicked on that, and I GOT SOUND!

Of course the sound was the dull roar of the crowd. Then the video feed started and I could see some people on stage talking but couldn’t hear what they were saying OVER the crowd noises. Then picture and sound stopped and it was stuck.

I hit the arrow again, got sound and vid for a minute or so and then it stopped AGAIN.

I did find if it was a male on the stage, or if the presenter talked loud and right into the microphone, I could make out some of what they were saying over the ever present crowd conversation.

Most Ironic was when they announced the winner of best gurble gurble something Video Secrets was the winner. I know that because besides SAYING the name of the winner which you might or might not be able to hear, they shine the name on the curtains next to the stage. So even those that are deaf or deafen could enjoy the show. But anyway, so they announce Video Secrets (the company streaming this unwatchable and unhearable broadcast), and as the winner takes the stage, receives his trophy and opens his mouth to speak the feed stops. And there he stands frozen in time, quietly, with his mouth open.

After so many restarts, and terrible sound, I was ready to give up when Ron Jeremy and Sunny Lane walked on stage. Okay, for them, I would suffer a little bit longer. Ron talked loudly and into the mic so you could almost understand what he was saying. Sunny picked up her skirt and shook her naked booty at the crowd (nice)  From what i could make out they gave out the award for best gonzo, and something from Evil Angel won. But i can’t give you any details until I look them up, because I COULDN’T HEAR WHAT THEY WERE SAYING!

When Ron and Sunny were done, I was too. I shut it down.

On deciding whether I was going to write about it, I figured I would check to make sure it wasn’t just me and my computer before I gave my opinion. But checking Darrah’s site today ( because I know she was going to watch also), gave me this-

From PSB “The video feed was bad and we couldn’t hear or see that well”.

So I’ll venture to say that most people who WANTED to watch the live feed of the Xbiz awards, didn’t get to.

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