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Letters from Jim B, the guy who decides who is important in the adult industry….

NL, I like you, but when somebody tries to out the identity of a retired whore (or someone that person believes to be a retired whore) then that somebody should be prepared to have their own lives held out for inspection.

You’ve done pretty well reviving LiB from a moribund morass of meaninglessness into something pretty decent. But Darrrah no more enlivens your site than she does this one, save as an object of comedy, ridicule and scorn.

I’ve tried to help her. Several others have done the same. She’s attacked everyone who has tried to help her and now she’s at outing the whores. I’m sorry. Your loyalty to her is admirable but UTTERLY misplaced.

I can’t speak for others, but for my part, I will no longer read LiB while she is a contributor there. And I urge everyone else to do the same.  Sorry.


From: Jim B.
The fact that the name is available elsewhere is irrelevant. This site has a strict poliucy: NO REAL NAMES… EVEN IF THEY’RE AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE.


We get stalkers rolling through here all the time. Probably dozens more wh don’t ever post still read it.The fact of the matter is that the person in question, some minister, might not even be the whore they think she is. And even if she were, she’s clearly put porn behind her and is entitled to her privacy.

I’m so offended by this conduct that i won’t even repeat it in a PM. HERE IS THE LINK TO WHAT SHE POSTED ON HER SITE


It’s despicable and I am calling for a boycott of LiB until it, and she, are gone.

How can you correct it?

Look, do whatever you want on your own site. I don’t agree with it, but it’s your coise.

Do Not Out The Whores On This Site.

That’s the last straw in a chain of events that Darrah has unleashed.
 I like you. I really do. I don’t always agree with the things people I like do. I try not to hold it against them.

But, I told you a week ago that this woman was causing trouble You have only to look around this board and see gthe animosity she’s engendered. ANd that is poised to spill over to your site.

I tried repeatedly to help her and got burned. Now she’s outing whores on our site, fighting with everyone and putting up Fuck You avatars because she’s too immature to deal with things like a grown up.

Enough is enough,

I have no more authority than any other poster here but forpersuasion. And I am doing you the courtesy of letting you know, right now, that i intend to persuade XPT folks to boycott your site until the Scott piece, and Darrah, are gone.

It’s flat-out wrong of the jesus freaks to out her. It’s even more wrong for Porn Bloggers to help them.

From: Jim B.
I don’t deal in threats. I make you a promise. I will call for a Boycott of LiB unless and until you stop outing the whores and you get rid of that offensive “contributing writer” of yours.

By helping the Jesus freaks out this alleged former whore, you are as bad as they are. Worse, since your site is read by people interested in porn, the potential is great that you aid stalkers in tracking them down. It’s not just a moral issue, it’s a SAFETY issue.

If you continue to engage in these practices, I nintend to make it an economic issue for you as well.

Do what you’ve gotta do. The choice is yours.

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