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Ice Bucket Challenge With A Twist

The man, the legend, the one and only Dan Bilzerian. His antics are off the wall, and his life seems like something out of a comic book – just check out his instagram account if you don’t believe me (it’s definitely worth exploring and following). This guy came out of nowhere, winning major poker tournaments and stacking cash (and hot females) like second nature. He’s had 2 heart attacks by age 30. He drives Italian supercars with a license plate that has “SUCK IT” emblazoned across it. He trained to be a US Navy SEAL, and was kicked out 2 days before graduation for calling his commanding officer a PUSSY! Anyway, enough backstory – read here if you can’t get enough DAN… Here’s his most recent escapade, involving everyone’s favourite viral charity campaign, the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Pre-broken foot Pornstar Tossing®

Pre-broken foot PornstarTossing®

I’m gonna make this short and sweet – Mr. Bilzarian has challenged ELLEN to the ice bucket challenge.

There’s a huge catch though!

Get ready for it… IF SHE GIVES A MAN A BLOWJOB, Dan will personally donate 1 MIL to the foundation on her behalf. That’s a lotta zeros!! $1,000,000.00!!!!! You can be sure as hell, if this happens, we’re gonna be ON IT like lesbians tonguing nipples! I believe that would be the biggest contribution by a single person to date – Ellen could make history on her knees, fuck yeah!!


Artists Rendition: I think it would go something like this!

Artists Rendition: I think it would go something like this!

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