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ICM’s Site- Propaganda?

NL- Talk about Spin Doctors! Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, and to me what they are saying is about as opposite to truth as possible!  Below is just a small part of the “information” on the ICM website. It says “launch in  22 days, launch as in sales of .xxx domains.


The Progressive New Home For Adult Entertainment Online
The Internet is home to a wealth of content, suitable for a wide range of ages and values. The adult entertainment industry has, and always will, account for a large amount of this content and while it is enjoyed by some, it is not suitable, or of interest, to all internet users. Regardless of your views on adult content, it’s here to stay, so let’s be adult about it.
Increasingly, internet users are coming into contact with content that they do not wish to see and in turn, others finding it hard to locate exactly what they are looking for, due to a decrease in availability for precise and clear domain names.

The creation of .XXX will create a clearly signposted place where adult entertainment can be accessed and allow surfers to have a clear idea of the nature of the site before they click, rather than after.
.XXX isn’t just a helpful distinction. It’s the progressive new home for adult entertainment online.

For Consumers

.XXX will provide a clearly sign posted place where adult entertainment can be accessed, secure in the knowledge that the website operators is operating under self regulatory, published guidelines and policies.
Every website in the .XXX domain is scanned daily by McAfee for Malware and to ensure consumer standards are constantly adhered to The Internet Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) will also monitor websites.
For those wishing to avoid adult content .XXX easily allows Internet users to filter out all unwanted .XXX content thanks to its unique MetaCert Tagging system.
For Industry Professionals

.XXX will provide a consumer friendly online environment, which will encourage more trust and therefore higher usage of adult entertainment brands within the .XXX space. Thus creating highly attractive long-term (and hence valuable) online ‘real estate’.

For Non-Adult IP Owners
.XXX gives the confidence that you can now control the exposure of your Intellectual Property in the online adult space thanks to our revolutionary Sunrise process.

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