I’d Like to Ass you a Question

How the hell did this fanny get passed us unnoticed??? My astonishment and that ass are too big for words to describe but you can experience it for yourself in the video below. You’re welcome to put on your dancing shoes and join in the jiggle, if you like:

Big Butt


Her name is Elke the Stallion and she’s got so much fucking ass you won’t know what to do with yourself.

I stumbled upon this mountainous region by accident when she Tweeted out to all her loyal followers about the death of “her idol” Donna Summer. (May she rest in peace) Hmm. Somehow I highly doubt that our lost disco queen influences Elke’s daily day-to-day whatsoever. Judging by this celluloid masterpiece this certainly is not going to be Elke’s last dance.

Watch out boys, this German born Philly is hitting the big time! The self proclaimed ‘urban glamour model’ has such a prolific ass that it’s been featured in numerous rap videos and in magazines like SMOOTH and Straight Stuntin’. Oh, did I mention that Jay Leno mentioned it in his opening monologue? Or that one time it was talked about briefly on some German talk show that NOBODY in North America has even heard of, but that is —and I quote, “[comparible] to EXTRA or ACCESS HOLLYWOOD” ???

Fans of big round juicy butts rejoice. For I have found your leader!

(Afternoon)Delight in more images collected especially for YOUR vision balls.

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