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Ideal Image Mgmt-New Talent Mgmt Co Needs Needs a Makeover!

NL- Not that you have to be able to spell or use proper punctuation or grammar to manage talent, but maybe you should  hire someone to proof read or use spell/grammar check on your press releases before you send them out? I gave up correcting after the second sentence. The logo had to be done on a photocopier, and is the name just for purposes of  irony?  Oh and the link to their website goes no where, so it is either wrong or down.

UPDATE- Tee Reel writes me that he now has interns who will take care of these things. Thanks for the quick response TJ!

To beter service you
To beter service you
Hello, first off, we here at Ideal Image Management would like to thank you for the numerous amounts of calls, emails and text we receive in regards to booking our talent.
We are happy to see that production has picked back up for many companies and your are interested in our talent to be apart of your projects. We thank you for your inquires and ask that when you call or email you give us the following info to assist in the booking…
1. The name or type of talent interested in: example  Jane Doe /John Doe –or … I’m looking for natural breast models
2. The type of scene: BG, BJ with swallow- GG with toys ect…
3. Possible location or area of the shoot and or if travel is provided
4. Exact or possible co- talent in the scene or performing with them
5. Wardrobe / Make up needs-
The more information and the earlier we here at Ideal Image Management have it the better prepared we can have the talent for your shoots.
Thank you and all the best
Any questions or concerns please contact-
Corey or TJ ( aka Tee Reel)
At the office or via email.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ideal Image Management

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