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If you know what this stands for “BB11”, then you should read this post

Okay so I love Big Brother 11. I watch the network show. I watch the Showtime 2 live feed every night (from 12m- 3am), at least until I fall asleep. I also have the live 4 camera feed on my computer. It’s a fun thing to do in the summer, when there is nothing else on TV, and face it, I live in Florida and don’t spend a whole lot of time outside in July & August.


You might think that BB11 has nothing to do with LIB’s usual subject matter. But honestly it’s a big part of my life in the summer, and there is quite a bit of sex, nudity and arguing on the show, and those three things are ALL big topics on LIB, lol. 

I can tell you that I’ve already found out that-

                Jordan just got her fake boobs, and Laura has had hers quite a while. 

                Lydia says she will have sex with who ever she has too, to stay in the house, male or female.

              There is some tension between Laura and Jeff as they discuss anal sex..among other things 

               Chima  says I like it in my vagina, why would I want it in my ass? 

              Muscle man Russell was walking around naked last night there are pictures on the site (you have to register to prove your age, it’s free.)

         The house is splitting and the good and evil sides are forming.

          Jesse, Natalie, Russell, Chima- villians so far

        Jeff called Russell a fag among other things in a huge fight this morning

        When Russell left the back yard, Jeff & Nat had it out.

Here is the mainstream link to the show where you can get an overview or watch the one epi that has aired so far. I will post about Big Brother, and all the posts will start with BB, so if you aren’t interested, DON’T READ ‘EM!

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