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I’m confused. How about you?

I seen a tweet tonight by Kylie Ireland who has been in the adult industry a long, long time. Her tweet caught my attention because I thought it was about another one of those sites revealing private and personal information about porn stars, potentially putting the stars in harms way. That of course worried me so I immediately went to check it out.

People ask why my loyalty to @twitter is gone. Its cuz of assholes like @bigtitsdatabase using our names to make $. #block @support RT this!

big tits database

But when I clicked the link I found that the site in question was really nothing more than an affiliate site. In other words, a studio pays a girl to do a photo or video shoot. Then that same studio turns around and pays sites like that to promote it.

So how exactly does that make the site, or the guys running it, assholes? Why would they get blocked for twitter for being paid by producers to promote content of the star in question. Without these sites then the studios wouldn’t be able to afford to hire the model in the first place. These sites (or assholes as Kylie put it) are in fact sales men. The producer makes the content, the affiliate sales it and is paid a commission for every sale he makes.

He’s sort of like the Al Bundy of the porn world. If you are old enough to know what this reference means then you know you are so LOLing right now! ?

So here is where I am confused …. why would this poor schmuck promoting her movies be thought of as an ass hole? What did he do wrong?

I admit, I don’t know Kylie and I don’t know whoever these guys are over at Big Tits Database. I mean fuck, for all I know they are ass holes. But what I don’t understand is whys he thinks that they are ass holes for making money off of her?

She was paid to do the shoot, now the studio wants to make their money back. That’s why they hire these guys in the first place.

Without these middle men out there promoting these movies, studios would not have the cash flow to hire models to do more shoots. It’s how the whole system works. What did you think a producer was going to do with the movie he just paid you to shoot? Of course he has to promote it and the affiliate system is part of how that is done.

It’s not only done directly, it’s also done with retailers.

Let’s say Elegant Angel hires a porn star to make a movie. Once the movie is made they send it over to retailers like Gamelink then sends out its massive army of affiliates (aka sales guys) to promote the new movie. But here is the catch …. no matter how much work these affiliates put in to promoting the movie or the people in the movie, they are only paid if they actually make a sale. It’s all commission based.

This also applies to the real world as well. It’s not just a porn thing.

If someone writes a book and publishes it on, Amazon then sends out its massive army of affiliates (aka sales guys) to promote this new book and those sales guys do their thing. They however (like in the porno world) are only paid if they actually make a sale.

Now there is also a side effect to this. In the process of promoting said product (say the movie by Elegant Angel) the affiliate has to promote the people in the movie and as a result are making the porn stars in that movie more famous. Now the more their name is out there, the more famous they become and as a result, the more other companies want to work with said porn star.

So in fact, that affiliate who makes no extra money by making you more famous (remember he only gets paid if he sales that one movie of yours), just helped you out … and yet, he’s the asshole? So tell me again how that is? #CONFUSED

I’m sorry but affiliates for far to long have gotten the short end of the stick and it really bothers me that they aren’t given more respect and appreciation for the work they do, even if indirectly, to help a girls career.

So again just to be clear, I don’t know the guys over at Big Tits Database, maybe they really are assholes, maybe they aren’t. What the fuck do I know? But what I can say is, I had a brief look at their website and as far as I could tell they are nothing more than just an affiliate site paid to promote specific things by companies. So what the fuck is wrong with that?

If I’m wrong, I apologize profusely. But as far as I could tell they aren’t doing anything wrong.

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