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I’m Going to The AVN Show! & Drinking….

I generally don’t attend  conventions,  even when they are in Florida I seldom show up. BUT… My friend Sherry from Black and Blue Media is coming in from LA, staying at the Diplomat and representing Pleasure Dynasty at the show, SO I’m going with her! I’ll be staying at the hotel for a few days with Sherry, attending the convention, a seminar or two, meeting a few other friends for drinks, probably hanging out with sherry at her booth a bit, but mostly sitting in the room by myself drinking and watching porn!  (just kidding, I don’t watch porn)

Instead of my usual anxiety about HAVING To go to these things for work, and trying to find a way of getting out of it, I am actually looking forward to this because I want to see Sherry, and if I don’t feel like being in crowds I’ll hang out in the hotel room, or go meet a friend for drinks at the bar in the hotel. So if you are going to be there, invite me out and buy me drinks!

Sherry & I will fit in at least one night with sushi & wine and girl talk, which will be a blast. She’s one of the few friends I can tell MY secrets too. And y’all can imagine I don’t have too many of those. (friends that is, I have plenty of secrets!)

Sherry will have a lot of work to do for Pleasure Dynasty while she is there also, but one of us has to work for a living and to pay for the room, lol.

Pleasure D. is an exciting  new movie company that is producing fresh faced, pro-am model video in HD format, beginning with the reality show parody series, ‘Repo XXX’, for new school stroke fans seeking the hottest local sluts from Florida. ( No I will not be in it, I’m not an amateur!)


Pleasure D. is also doing 3-D movies which is the coolest thing. I whipped out my Shrek 3-D movie and stole the glasses to look at these pictures from the Pleasure D. August release ‘Boobers: Calendar Shoot 2010’.  See if you guys have some glasses laying around to take a look… 

Pleasure Dynasty CEO and Head Director Carlos Cavero said, “3D is the future. We can’t avoid it. We all have to adapt to stay competitive in the market place. The adult industry has always been a leader in using new technology, and the same thing is happening with the 3D format. I was reading an article by David Bayon for ‘PC Authority’ in August of 2009 and what he said struck home with me: Our industry has been hit hard by free content online and we need to offer viewers something that they can not get in quantity for free.  Pleasure Dynasty is able to offer that technology in our own titles, as well as to others that want to start producing 3D content for their own companies. Minka Studios’ proprietary 3D cameras allow us to get within arm’s length of the action, so there is a very personal feel to the video we are producing.”*

Carlos & Juan remember how nice I was to put up this posting, I might need some drinks when I see you…

For a first hand look at Pleasure Dynasty’s 3D and HD lines, come by the AVN Show booth #622 Friday, August 6 through Sunday, August 8, to visit Sherry. I might even be there.  Or visit the official web site at

More info on the convention at (I noticed that the “Parties” link just went up today!) If you are having a party and you want me to post about it, just invite us, and let me know.

If you want to see more stills from the movies, the naked ones are on my other site

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