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I’m Happy Digital Playground Has a New PR Person…- UPDATE- UPDATE AGAIN!

UPDATE AGAIN NL- I heard from Kendra ( almost instantly!) and she says Kristin is out of town. So Kristin gets a pass this time ( maybe we could get her that bouncing email that comes back with an “out of town” message next time?) Kendra is ON my project, she ROCKS! And I’d actually like to do a story on HER!

UPDATE- NL- You guys are funny. I love your conjecture about what I am saying “between the lines” There are actually several reasons I am glad about Kendra. But one is that I don’t currently know anyone at DP, and my email to Kristin ( new PR i’ve heard) from a week ago is still unanswered. I’d just like to deal with a nice, responsive person who knows the business, and Kendra fits the bill.

NL- Finally, a great P.R. person to work with at Digital Playground. I plan on covering some of their stories now. Hope Kendra sticks around for a long time. Kendra-I’m ready to work with you & DP. I’ve already talked to one of the contract stars who wants to do a story…. Please get in touch. [email protected] xoxo, Cindi


APRIL 20, 2010 – Van Nuys, Ca. — Digital Playground, the world leader in adult filmmaking and interactive media, is pleased to introduce Kendra Jade Rossi as the newest member of its PR and marketing team.  Kendra has extensive experience in the entertainment industries, including recording, television and talent management.  Her unique approach to marketing, innovative ideas for talent branding and genuine love for Digital Playground, its films and stars, make her a perfect fit for the fast paced, high powered position.  Kendra is excited about the opportunity to work for the revered studio.  She explains, “I came into the entertainment industry as a performer in 1998, and since that time, I have worked to learn the business from every angle.  Digital Playground is multi-faceted and has interests in adult and mainstream film, a commitment to new and emerging technologies, as well as a stellar new novelty line and the most impressive roster of contract stars in the business.   I couldn’t be more pleased with this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Digital Playground President, Samantha Lewis is thrilled to have Kendra on board.  She says, “I have been looking high and low for the right person to join our marketing department and Kendra is a perfect fit.  She is not only smart and articulate, she also understands networking in both adult and mainstream entertainment.  Her contacts are impressive as well as diverse and her work ethic is fantastic.”  Founder Joone is equally impressed with the hire, “Kendra brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table.

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