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I’m NOT as Stupid as you Think…

I am quite sick of the Jeremy/Sophia drama. The whole story was told over a year ago. All the arguments were made. All the making fun was done. And it was rehashed again on a thread a couple weeks ago. I told both Jeremy & Sophia that I didn’t want them talking about each other. I put them both on moderation.

Sophia didn’t and doesn’t talk about Jeremy any more.

Jeremy continues to talk about Sophia. I have deleted several posts by Jeremy talking about her. Last week Jeremy told me he was done with the whole thing, so I took him off moderation. His next posts were about Sophia.

So I put Jeremy BACK on moderation. Then Jeremy tries to post about Sophia on an old name of his that is registered to him. I delete it and e-mail him to stop it.

Jeremy e-mails that I should take off the leash and let him speak about Sophia because it is the funniest thing on the web. I say no.

Then Jeremy signs up as a new user and posts three messages, two of them about Sophia. That user is now on moderation.

Jeremy thinks he can go around me and post anyway, because I am infringing on his freedom of speech.

Jeremy can talk about anything he wants to, on his own site.

I am sick of the over and over again of the same thing with Jeremy & Sophia. Sophia does not start the drama on here, Jeremy does everytime.

I don’t want to hear anymore about their fight from over a year ago. I will delete comments from Jeremy about Sophia, and from Sophia about Jeremy.

Everything Sophia writes Jeremy thinks it is about him. Jeremy- IT’S NOT!

And Jeremy if you continue to try and get comments up so I can take them down, I will just delete all your accounts and be done with it.

The last e-mail I sent to Jeremy asking him to please do what I asked him was answered by him basically that he was NOT going to.

So I told him the next time we talked it would be on a post on this site. Here it is. If you have something to say Jeremy, say it about and to me.  I am done with this subject matter, get over it or handle it on your own time.

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