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I’m Sorry to Clips 4 Sale & Neil…

Remember Clips4Sale said they wanted an apology and they were going to sue me? Well they aren’t going to sue me and they ARE getting an apology, but one really has nothing to do with the other. You guys know I wouldn’t back down if I thought I was right. But I wasn’t right.

I posted info from a supposed ex-programmer at C4S who said he had inside info that they were cheating customers by shaving. I did say it was a rumor and that it shouldn’t be taken as fact, and did ask for the other side of the story from Neil, which he gave and I posted.

After talking to Neil, getting some additional information from him and doing some research,  I have now found out that the supposed ex-programer was actually a former “store owner”  of C4S, whose store was shut down, Neil says, due to piracy. This person never worked for C4S.

Through tracing many IP addresses, various web company’s locations,  2257 info posting and many similar email addresses, it now looks to me like a person named  Charles (Chuck) Fitch out of Canton, Michigan is our fake “ex-programmer”

He goes by many aliases including last names Bing &  Maxwell,  and tends to like the number 3752. He is/was involved with  (Chuck refuses to give Neil the domain so Neil is in the process of taking it away from Chuck), URL,, and more. I don’t know if he still is involved with all these sites or not.

There are so many negative links about him and his companies, on many forums, but especially a lot on  the GFY board calling him a scammer. I got tired of reading them before I ran out.

So, (sigh), I am sorry to Clips4Sale and Neil for posting a rumor that was a fabrication by a well-known scam artist, and I hope by my writing this info about him, others will be saved from being scammed by Chuck Fitch.

And oh, BTW, to be clear, I won’t be running your ad  “Maxwell” so don’t be expecting an invoice…. (Snap!)

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