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In Praise Of Shay Jordan

Mike South writes:

She is Shay Jordan, Digital Playground signed her to a contract back in September of last year. I interviewed her at Adult Expo and found her to be as intelligent and as charming as she is pretty (and that is extraordinarily pretty)

She is one of those rare girls who, when you look at her, you think wow she is beautiful, then you talk to her and it actually makes her even nore beautiful.

She is geeky, she plays World of Warcraft online. She is bright, the kind of girl you would have no problems taking home to mom and dad, they would never suspect that Shay is a porn chick. I even tossed her some tough questions, intentionally trying to trip her up…couldn’t do it. I would say that she was coached well but I sense that this young lady didn’t need much, if any coaching at all.

When not shooting, she keeps to herself and her own friends, she doesn’t mingle much in porn circles, which will hopefully help her avoid the many landmines that her sister contract girls at DP have stepped all over.

She doesn’t even have a boyfriend. So….what’s the downside? She has a girlfriend…Just damn!

Shay Jordan is a winner, I hope she keeps herself just as she is because she is about as close to perfection as you can get, she is right up there with Carmen Luvana, hopefully after as many years in the biz as Carmen she stays up there!

And FYI this isn’t to appease Adella…we don’t even speak anymore. its credit where it is due.

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