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In Response To ATLA’s Statement on Ideal Image Management

OP/ED recieved from “Truth Guardian” via email

Let’s keep it real.  This is the adult business, not Denzel making millions on a movie.  How trivial is this?  If you really look at the entire structure, these so called “legit” Agencies are all running in violation, and if they are booking talent in the Adult business, they are violating.  So that said, they all should remain quiet and stop wasting their money on licenses that are not representing themselves in total honesty with the Labor Commission.

So since we have trivial points to be made, let look at the multi-million dollar ATLA and put them under the microscope under Talent Agency Act since they seem to throw so many stones. 

I am sure they are compliant and crossed all the T’s and dotted their I’s.

Lets review.  The actual section is rather long so just touching on relevance on our ADULT AGENCIES

There are many points, but these are points that affect them all dealing with the adult business

Talent Agencies Act- California Labor Code 1700
1700.33. No talent agency shall send or cause to be sent, any artist to any place where the health, safety, or welfare of the artist could be adversely affected, the character of which place the talent agency could have ascertained upon reasonable inquiry.

Well, with the new law in place for condom use, and non permitted shoots, which agents should ensure that all shoots are legal, in addition to health and safety with talent having sex as this all is a violation.  Let’s even take it back further and say that ALL LEGIT Agencies will make sure their talent is being sent to LEGAL and properly authorized shoots, if not, then this is knowingly sending talent to a shoot that is not compliant with the local laws, a violation. 

1700.34. No talent agency shall send any minor to any saloon or place where intoxicating liquors are sold to be consumed on the premises. Sending talent to shoots with alcohol for those under 21 is against the lay.  review the records of booking I am sure something will materialize. 

1700.35. No talent agency shall knowingly permit any persons of bad character, prostitutes, gamblers, intoxicated persons, or procurers to frequent, or be employed in, the place of business of the talent agency.
WWWhheewwwww.  This is a rough one.

1700.47. It shall be unlawful for any licensee to refuse to represent any artist on account of that artist’s race, color, creed, sex, national origin, religion, or handicap.

So there is no real reason to turn someone away, but this is minor compared to the above listed sections. 

I am sure if the Labor Commission knew these Multi Million dollar ADULT Talent Agencies were dealing with Erotic projects and all the in and outs, I am sure they would not issue the licenses.  But our illustrious agencies fail to reveal these facts.  And if they knew, the Labor Commission would pull  the licenses. 

My suggestion would be for all of them to stop just lay low before the government get further involved because of unnecessary barking, or someone get upset and start reporting all these fun points.

Just sayin……..

If talent wanted to go after some of the LEGAL agents, they would shut them down. 

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