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Indian Sex Stories Review (2020)

Indian Sex Stories

Indians are generally considered to be shy and reserved when it comes to sex and topics related to physical intimacy.

However, it is only one side of the coin.

Speaking openly about sex is considered to be a taboo in Indian society, but people do enjoy sex and engage in different kinds of affairs and relationships.

Sometimes, they even engage in sexual relationships with their close relatives, albeit in a secret way.

Therefore, many people around the world are interested to learn about sex stories that are of Indian origin.

The reason for this is also because Indian women are considered to be among the most beautiful and well-endowed women in the world.

As a result, it is always a pleasure to imagine them in kinky situations and erotic scenes.

Indian Sex Stories is one of the best options for those who want to read stories that feature Indian people.

It has a huge collection of stories (around 20 thousand) and gets updated daily. I have seen many people who visit Indian Sex Stories daily to get their daily dose of erotic content. It is also referred to as ISS sometimes. Stories of ISS are usually available in English and Hindi language.

However, you may also find many stories in Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, and other regional languages of India. Each story is unique, which means that you don’t get different translated versions of a single here.

Therefore, if you are interested in reading a story which is written in some other language that you do not know, then you can simply use the google translator to translate it in English or some other language.

It might not produce a precise and effective translation, but anyways you can enjoy your time reading it and sometimes the incorrect translations might even make you laugh. The best thing about Indian Sex Stories is that it provides multiple categories to explore the stories.

Moreover, each category has hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of stories in it.

There is a basic search tool to search the stories that you dream about. Also, ISS is not only about stories. It has a large collection of adult pictures, videos, live cams, and much more. However, we will discuss these sections in the later sections.

What are the noteworthy features of this site?

Indian Sex Stories is about sultry Indian tales covering explicit details of the body parts of the voluptuous and curvy Indian women. It also covers the stories of Indian villages where you will find the kinkiest men and women who always seem to be starved for sex.

Thousands of sex tales come from the cities as well. There is a separate section for the taboo stories, and in fact, people love to read the incest and taboo stories of ISS because they are nicely written. Each story introduces you to the characters describing their body parts and assets.

Most of the times, the writer also describes the kind of clothes the characters and wearing. The different types of voices coming from a woman’s mouth while engaging in extreme sex and the expressions on her face while taking a huge penis inside her are perfectly described in these stories.

The seductive descriptions transport you to that place, and you start imagining all kinds of kinky things that you have in your mind. ISS also has a large collection of adult photos mostly featuring Indian girls and women. You will see them masturbating or showing their private parts in these photos.

It has hundreds of lesbian stories, gay stories, couple stories, servants about sexual encounters with maids and servants, etc. Group sex stories are also available, and there is even a separate category dedicated to it. The ‘Incest’ category has the most number of stories in it.

Here, you will find stories between family members and they aren’t about stepmom or stepdad but stories about real blood relations. Most of these tales are fantasies, but some writers have also narrated their own experiences in them.

It provides customer support services and FAQs to the members who are facing any kind of issue while using this site. We forgot to tell you that everything is free here! You don’t even have to register to read stories or download pictures.

It claims to have over 50K stories accumulated from the contributions of over 17 thousand story writers. Most of these stories are written by members who submit only a couple of stories because they are busy reading the stories written by other users.

It is a mobile-friendly site, and a huge traffic is generated through mobiles. Most of their readers are of Indian origin, but people from many other parts of the globe also prefer to read these stories, especially if they have a secret crush on Indian men or women.

You will also get to read the first time experiences of Indian men and women here. Adult jokes and poetry can also be found here, and a special category is reserved for them. ‘Savita Bhabhi’ is a section dedicated to stories about horny milfs of India.

A majority of these stories cannot be understood if you do not know the Hindi language, but some stories are available in English as well. Also, there is a separate section for the popular stories. Here, you will only find the best stories that have turned out to be the most erotic and hot stories of the site.

These features make it one of the greatest sites when it comes to sex stories and related content. Therefore, you must take a tour of this adult site today!

Site Statistics

  • Most popular features – Taboo sex stories, stories in multiple languages, Archives of stories as per year & month

  • Is it ad-free? – No

  • The average monthly visitors – 3.50 million

  • Bonus features– Forums, adult photos, Savita Bhabhi

  • Bonus sites – No

  • Is it a safe site – Yes but be careful of the ads

  • Popular categories – Incest sex stories, Lesbian sex stories, Gay stories

  • Member index – No

  • Updates – Daily

Website Performance Scores



Website Design

8 / 10

Ease Of Use

9 / 10


8 / 10

Customer Satisfaction

10 / 10


10 / 10

Search And Filter Options

8 / 10


10 / 10 (free)

Value For Time

10 / 10


8 / 10

User-Interface & Layout

8 / 10

Overall Score

89 / 100

Website Overview

Website address –

Average visitors per month – 3.50 million

With an earthy colour scheme or different shades of brown and yellow, the website looks quite ordinary.

However, it does provide a decent interface for reading stories and also has a clean layout.

The pages are nicely placed and highlighted to make it easy for the users. 

You don’t have to register or create an account to use any of its features. However, some features like live cams might ask you to create an account because they are other sites of the network. ISS is a part of Indian Porn Empire (IPE) which is one of the leading porn providers of India.

Antarvasna, another adult story platform of IPE is also quite famous. Therefore, you might find some stories that are common between these two portals. ISS mainly focuses on desi stories that are raw and real. Erotic fiction is not a forte of this site as it makes you believe that it is possible to seduce anyone!

Readers can use the ‘Submit a Story’ option to submit one of their creations. However, for that, they need to register first. The registration process is very simple as you just need to choose an email, user name, and password to create an account. ‘Indian Sex Photos’ page can be used to view adult pictures.

These photos are the most amateur and feature real Indian wives and girlfriends. You will not find high-quality photos here since they are captured with a regular mobile camera, but the camera is good enough to arouse you. Then there is a separate webpage dedicated to the popular stories of ISS.

Each story has an upload date, tags, category, and a short description. You can also participate in the writing competitions that ISS organizes sometimes. The tags can be used to explore similar stories.

People who like to read a series of stories divided into multiple parts will be happy on ISS because it presents many such series. If you are interested in reading erotic tales of housewives, teachers, nurses, and any kind of milf, then you can visit ‘Savita Bhabi’.

‘Savita Bhabi’ is a popular creation of IPE that is available in magazine form as well. It is very popular among adults and youngsters since it describes every scene with a picture. Sadly, there are no pictures on ISS, but you can enjoy the seductive descriptions of scenes.

Savita Bhabi is a milf who has sex with women, men, servants, maids, schoolboys, and literally with anyone. Therefore, you will be overjoyed to read her multiple sexual encounters through these stories.  Besides that, you will find the page ‘Indian Sex Chats’ which redirects you to another portal of cams.

We recommend you to be careful while using some of the sites that ISS redirects you to because some of them can be a scam or virus-ridden. You can join the official page of ISS on Telegram by clicking on the ‘@Telegram’ page.

The ‘Support’ page can be used to explore the customer support services offered by ISS. Towards the right side of your screen, you will see a section of categories. It has a few categories, but they are useful and help you to reach the desired section of stories without taking any efforts.

The basic search tool is at the top-right corner of the site. Towards the bottom of the site, you will see the other portals of the Indian Porn Empire Network. Below that, pages like ‘About Us’, ‘IPE Blog’, ‘FAQ’, etc. are provided. Between these options, you will see an option named ‘Archives’.

After clicking on it, you will find archives of stories of each month and year. The archives start from April 2006 and end in September 2019 as of now. Users can explore these archives to read the stories of that particular year and month.


Everything is free on Indian Sex Stories!


  • The ‘IPE blogs’ section consists of articles on various topics such as SEO, the porn industry, a ban on porn sites on the internet, and much more. You can read these blogs whenever you feel to read something other than sex stories.

  • The stories are juicy enough to tickle your urges. Each story has a unique plot and characters are unique as well.

  • The scenes are built-up slowly to make you more curious, and they are described in a naughty way to help you relieve the sexual tension inside you.

  • ISS provides numerous other things apart from the sex tales. They include images, videos, porn pictures, etc.

  • Users can like or dislike the story. They can even leave their comments and feedback behind. Comments also allow users to interact with each other.

  • Apart from that, a separate discussion can be started in the comments section through which you can share your ideas and experiences with other members.

  • The stories are properly archived in their specific categories.

  • Users can go through most of the content without even registering.


  • Photos cannot be downloaded directly, but you share them with your friends via your Whatsapp profile. The option of downloading the galleries in zip files is also not available.

  • The photos cannot be viewed in a slideshow. However, you can view them in full-screen mode by clicking on the individual photos.

  • Every page has at least a couple of ads. They do not disturb you, but they can distract you from the main content at times.

  • Advanced search option is not available on ISS. Therefore, the users have to rely on tags, categories, and a basic search option to find their favourite erotic tales.

  • ISS does not provide a separate page of tags.

  • It does not provide the option of downloading the stories in PDF or any other format.

  • Some categories have very few stories in them, whereas other categories might have thousands of erotic tales. Therefore, we feel that they should introduce more categories.

  • A separate section or page for tags is a must to make things easier for the users.

  • Navigation becomes an issue sometimes as the ‘back’ button does not work for some pages. As a result, you need to start navigating the page from the start whenever you get stuck in between.

  • Some stories might be written in poor English.

Competitors of IndianSexStories

ISS has several competitors like Literotica, Sex4stories, Read Indian Sex Stories, etc. Read Indian Sex Stories has a better-looking website with nice features and functions. It does not charge you for reading stories. However, Indian Sex Stories has a much bigger collection of stories.

Sex4stories has a beautiful looking website, and it also provides free content like ISS. Moreover, it provides a separate section of tags which users of ISS do not get. It also has a separate page of BDSM stories.

Moreover, you can share the stories with your friends instantly through social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, etc. Literotica also has a huge collection of Indian sex tales. Moreover, its collection of stories is as good as that of ISS. These story sites can give a tough competition to Indian Sex Stories.

Indian Sex Stories can launch a mobile app, or they can at least improve their design and layout of their site to impress more users in the future.

Customer Support & Other Services 

For reading the FAQs, you will have to visit the ‘FAQ’ page. It has a few questions related to the account, writers, and story submissions. However, they are nicely classified into their respective types. Some FAQs may direct you to articles where you can find much more information than you have asked for.

You can click on this link – to learn more about their FAQS. For registering your issues and complaints, you can use the ‘Support page’. This page has a form that you need to fill along with your details like email id, name, etc.

The customer support team will engage with you via an email to understand and resolve your issues and complaints. Members can learn more about this page by clicking on this link –

final verdict

We recommend Indian Sex Stories to all those who want to read interesting and steamy sex stories. However, we also ask them to be careful as some people have complained about a malware or virus attack on their systems while or after visiting this site.

parting words

Read how sexual tension is released in India by reading the mind-blowing stories of ISS.

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