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Inkyo Volt Hwang Found Dead In Hotel Room Sept. 29

News Report from the Morgan Hill Times:

Morgan Hill – The identity of a man found dead in a motel room the afternoon of Sept. 29 has been confirmed, according to the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office.

Inkyo Volt Hwang, 38, was found in his room at the Economy Inn on Monterey Road after the manager of the motel was unable to get a response from him.

Hwang, who was found half-in and half-out of his bed, is believed to be a resident of Gardena, in Southern California. His death is not being considered suspicious by police. The cause of his death will not be released until the toxicology report is completed.

Hwang was “implicated” in the death of his girlfriend in King City this summer, according to King City police Sgt. Steve Miller. He would not release the name of the murder victim or other information about the case because the investigation is ongoing, he said.

Hwang may have been involved in making pornographic movies, according to Morgan Hill police, and likely was headed north due to the King City investigation.

Police suspect Hwang died of a drug overdose.

Everyone in porn knew Hwang was a drunk but only a few knew he also did cocaine. The drinking took the edge of the coke jitters.

Hwang and Haley enabled each others drug addictions.

Volt Hwang was leaving King City (just south of Monterey), possibly headed to San Francisco (where there’s a big Korean community) to start a new life. His car (not the missing rental car) broke down. He got on a bus. He checked into the Economy Inn (15080 Monterey Road) in Morgan Hill (95037, 30 minutes south of San Jose) and checked out of life.

He was not on the verge of being arrested by King City. He was implicated in the death of Maryam Hailey but that does not mean he caused it. She might have overdosed while he was in the room.

Hwang’s death does not end the police investigation into Haley’s death.

Scott Fayner posts on

Seriously, back in the old days, way back like five years ago, Wanker was a cool guy. He was terrified of girls. He was a computer geek. He was fun. In doses, that is.

But he also drank. And although no one knew at the time, he was also a rapist and kidnapper, as well as an abuser towards women. It wasn’t until he again got arrested for the same charges did we know of his evil past. It’s too bad, too, ’cause Haley Paige got the raw end of the deal in the end.

It’s obvious Wanker killed Haley. So obvious, I bet even he knew that everyone in the Valley knew it, too. I bet a lot of people would have loved it if he came back to the Valley after news of Haley’s death hit the streets. I guarantee someone would have cracked his skull open with a pipe…

But instead he most probably killed himself with drugs. Coward.

Here’s more on Wanker Wang and his late wife Haley Paige aka Maryam Irene Haley.

On June 29, 2007 Inkyo Volt Hwang was arrested by the LAPD West Valley Division at 1:15 a.m. on felony charges related to his pistol-whipping, kidnapping and torturing his fiance Maryam Irene Haley.

July 2, 2007. I tip an LA Daily News reporter to the story. Nothing is published.

On July 3, 2007, Hwang was released from LA County jail.

(In December of 1997, Hwang was sentenced to four years in state prison for  beating, kidnapping and raping his UCLA girlfriend Helen Na. The two felony convictions were for assault with a deadly weapon and sexual battery. Hwang served two years and two months (in Chico, I believe).)

On August 2, 2007, Hwang and Haley married in Las Vegas.

On August 8, 2007, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office public information officer Sandi Gibbon replied to my inquiry: “We reviewed the case and on July 3 of this year, declined to file charges. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department jail records, Mr. Hwang was released from custody on July 3.”

During August and September, I wondered on my site about the whereabouts of Hwang and Haley.

On September 5, I heard several times from an emailer (who I believe to be a female member of Haley’s family who sent in this Oct. 5):  “I’m Sure chico wang knows where haley paige has been….and if she’s okay.”

“I see your extremly interested in following wanker wang, but what about haily paige? I don’t see anyone asking where she has been and if she is even okay….has anyone seen or heard from her.”

Haley’s father Ken Haley posts Sept. 16: “Haley Paige passed from this life on August 21, 2007. In the company of Chico Wang. Who ya gonna blame?”

The news broke on my site Sept. 26 that Haley Paige might be dead. This was confirmed Oct. 1 (by Charlie at Fox Magazine through the coroner in Monterey County) — that she passed away Aug. 21.

On October 1, I first reported my suspicions (and those of many in the industry) in a headline that Inkyo Volt Hwang murdered Hailey Page and then killed himself.

On October 7, I reported that Hwang’s rental car was missing.

On Oct. 10, I emailed reports on the deaths of Hwang and Haley to Sandi Gibbon along with this: “The man the LA DA declined July 3 to prosecute went on to murder this woman in question and then kill himself.”

Sandi Gibbon replied: “I believe the case went to the City Attorney. He was booked on a misdemeanor charge.”

Here’s a picture of Inkyo Volt Hwang.

I had an awkward relationship with Hwang. It began in late August 2002 when I started to write a column for, my old website. Hwang said he’d let me take over the site. If I was going to write for it, he didn’t want anything to do with it.

Hwang told me about his history in the industry. That he heard about Rob Black running for mayor of Los Angeles (circa 2000) and went to Rob for a job. He became an editor and online maven.

Hwang told me he left Extreme Associates because the place was a moral black hole. There were too many chicks coming in that he was throat-f—ing.

I ran into Hwang every few months for the next five years. He was usually loaded. He usually invaded my space, kissed me and groped me. I hated him but I was in an awkward situation because he had access to my old domain name.

When Hwang took over, he disabled all my pictures. He used the site to viciously slam people (usually while drunk). He repeatedly bashed Chris Alexander of Anabolic for reportedly boinking trannies.

A few years later, Chris asked me why I went after him so much. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

A few months later, I realized he’d read Wanker’s stuff on and thought I was responsible.

Friends of Chico have long said he’s harmless, a nice guy, not dangerous, just a loose cannon. He was goofy and off the wall and liked to get drunk. Sure, he was abusive mentally and verbally, but he was not a threat to anyone.

The Wanker Wang I knew made frequent and disturbing references to killing other people and then himself.

I only know of one person in porn, an enemy of Chico’s, who knew of Hwang’s 1997 conviction for assault.

Wanker lived on the edge. As long as he was in porn, he was a danger to himself and to others. And there are a lot of people like him remaining in porn who would not surprise me if they went out and murdered someone.

I’ve been checking out Wanker Wang’s posts on XPT. Here’s a taste from June 19, 2003:

I’m going to break the silence on this one. The whole Vicky Vette scenario was way overblown from the day Robert Ferrara decided to shove his fingers up his nostrils until he gave himself a lobotomy.

Yes, I saw the entire raw footage of the Vicky scene. Not once did she say no, and the only discomfort I saw was the fact she was leaking which is natural in anal scenes even with professional pornstars.

I booked her immediately to get to the bottom of this instead of looking for pseudo-agents like Robert Ferrara for his idiotic take on the subject.

Yes, she told me she didn’t say no during the scene. She wanted to be a trooper and let the scene go despite the fact she was having problems with her butt. It’s natural in the butt.

No, she told me she didn’t bleed during the scene. She started to bleed a few days later mostly from her pussy. Again, natural from brand new girls who meet established male pornstars who can fuck vigorously for hours.

She told me the real problem was that she did a DP scene for nearly 3 hours the day before and went straight to another DP scene the next day and she wasn’t sure if it was the first scene or the second scene that fucked her up.

After my scene, she asked me if I could shoot her for a DP. I am considering it.

The real problem as relayed to me is that Robert Ferrara, one dumb fucking cunt, decided to blow this sucker way out of proportion and put words in her mouth. Again, this is what she told me.

Now we have two choices: Do we believe Robert Ferrara, some two bit agent from Vegas who only represents girls while they’re in Vegas, or do we believe Vicky Vette who never made a public comment about this subject matter?

I have no idea but I saw the footage which isn’t anything described by this fucking idiot from Vegas. She’s actually a cool girl who may have came into this business and went too hard, too quickly not knowing her bodily limitations unlike most 18 year olds who can handle it.

Robert, go fuck yourself you piece of shit. You made up most of this crap because you are one dumb asshole. And, by the way, you neither represent 90% of the whores on your website nor are most of their info correct. You’d rather deceive, you fucking cunt.

I want to take a break from writing three straight porn stories on death and type instead about something more positive — Jack Venice’s rape trial.

The Washington Times quotes from my book A History of X: 100 Years of Sex in Film in its Culture Etc column on page two (6/18/99):


“While over 100 homosexual performers in homo-porn have died of AIDS, no exclusively heterosexual male in hetero-porn has died of AIDS. As is the case throughout the Western world, porn’s AIDS cases demonstrate that HIV does discriminate: Gays and intravenous drug users are far more likely to get it than straights, and women are more likely to be HIV-positive than men. During the 1990s, at least eight females and two males in the heterosexual porn industry have tested HIV-positive.

“From AIDS to the Mob, the specter of death has long haunted porn. Shauna Grant, a 1982 discovery of Bobby Hollander, blew her brains out in 1984. Other porn star suicides include Melba Brue, Mary Millington, Talia James, Lynn Tars, Tina Ross, Wade Nichols, Savannah, Megan Leigh, Nancee Kellee, Alex Jordan, and Cal Jammer. Laurien Dominique choked to death. Kathy Harcout was fished out of New York’s East River. Tiffany Lane died in a car accident . . .. Veri Knotty, transsexual Jill Munro, Michael Bruce, Kevin James, and Danny Husong all died young. Linda Wong, Arcadia Lake, and about a dozen other performers died of drug overdoses. . . . European porn actor Riny Rey was gunned down in Budapest on April 12, 1996, just days after finishing work on `Private Dancer’ and `Sin.’ . . .. In 1997, a shootout at porn production company Elegant Angel killed pornographer Israel Gonzalez and one cop. About a dozen gay performers have killed themselves, including Joel Curry, Christian Fox, Fred Halstead, and Alan Lambert.”

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