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Insomnia Kills! (Op/Ed on Insomnia & Sledge Hammer)

NL-Below is some info I received via email from a “retired porn star”  His opinions, not mine.

About the Sledge Hammer tragedy:

Lost in all these stories is the crucial fact that  Marland was suffering from a severe case of  insomnia, just like Michael Jackson. And that overlooked common affliction was at the root  cause of all his untreated emotional problems.

Once close to 40 something, some men suffer  hormonal changes that lead to vitamin/mineral  deficiencies which in turn cause an inability to  sleep. Go long enough without proper sleep,  and you can go crazy like Marland Anderson.

Some people self medicate with booze or drugs,  while most Docs will just prescribe dangerous  prescription medications. The safe way to deal  with it is to manage your Magnesium, Potassium  and vitamin D3 intake with diet or supplements.

The moral of the story is that if you have sleeping sickness and you go to quacks like MJ or cops  like SH, you can wind up a dead man. Don’t let the  guy die in vain. Post this letter for aging porn stars  in the biz. Aging can be a train wreck, but getting  facts about dangers of insomnia can save lives.

Docs don’t want people knowing the truth about insomnia because it effects drug sales. And the cops wouldn’t
want the truth known about why he was sick, because that would show that he not a threat for deadly force.

One more thing. The autopsy won’t state why he couldn’t sleep. Unless they fix it to blame it on drugs, all it will show is that cops electrocuted him. He was probably sick due to bad vitamin mineral nutritional deficiencies that led to his sleeplessness. Gramma said eat your veggies. But not even that is enough. I take supplements, I’m pushing 50 and I’ve survived mid life. Still, standard medicine is corrupt and I only trust site links below for health info.

PS: Feel free to forward this letter to his family if they plan to sue LAPD.

So Sincerely,
The Artist Formerly Blown As Studio City (Anonymous Retired Porn Star)

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