Instagram model jailed for 1.5 years, after trying to bribe a cop with sex!

A Russian Instagram model who tried to bribe cops with sex will spend 18 months in the coolers for her troubles. Kira Mayer, 24, allegedly offered solo or duet sex to the policemen when she was pulled over for over speeding, apparently on her way to a manicure appointment. According to law enforcement sources, the two male policemen declined her offer and detained her, at which point the model is accused of assaulting the officers after they told her she couldn’t drive her Mercedes further.  She was faced with two charges of use of violence against a representative of the authorities and breach of a driving ban, offenses for which she will spend the next one and a half years behind bars in a low-security prison in Russia.

A report by Mash new outlet, which has close links with law enforcement said that when she was pulled over, she ‘offered the traffic policemen sex – one by one or together – when she was caught driving without a license. The policemen refused…and finally detained the woman.‘ A big kudos to the officers; very few would have acted so gallantly in the face of temptations.

According to the police, the model grabbed the police officer’s report, grabbed and scratched the officers and even tried to drive away from the scene. However, the fact that she pleaded guilty to the charges of assaulting police officers means that some ‘intimate details’ were not aired in court. The assaulted officer didn’t testify in court.

A police report at the time of her arrest read:   ‘The traffic policemen informed her that she could not drive her car any longer and it was a trigger for Kira. She began to shout; she tried to grab her documents from the road policemen. She scratched them, kicked them, swore at them even tried to drive away. Of course, she failed to do so.’

She told the court while accepting the charges: “I completely agree with the charge brought against me. I repent and apologize to the victim,” she said before adding “When I’m very worried, I get screwed up. But I am trying to control myself.

It is reported that the model didn’t expect to be sent to jail and she wept when the sentence was read. The busty model has gained quite a following on her closed Instagram account where she posts erotic photographs and videos of her in revealing lingerie, holidaying in hot spots like Dubai, and dining in top restaurants as well as mixing with celebrities. She had earlier told her fans:  ‘When I get bored with my happy life, I will marry and suffer like all normal people.

A psychiatric team is reportedly assessing her mental condition after reports emerged that she had attempted to splash her wrists using her necklace when she was taken to a Police detention cell. Meanwhile, her lawyer said he would appeal the verdict, believing that the influencer status of his client would save her from jail.

Outlandish demands

Needless to say, Mayer is used to living the pampered life of an Instagram princess. She has resorted to making outlandish demands in prison, and acting surprised that they have not been met.

When they brought me some strange porridge for breakfast, I asked: ‘Can I have a hot croissant, orange fresh, mixed omelette and cheese?’” the model told a local newspaper. “I thought it was possible to order food here like in a hotel. They laughed. Next, they have such ugly metal bowls here. I can’t eat from them, I’m afraid.”

She also wondered why she could not order her own food from restaurants and get a comfortable bed.

I am offering to introduce a paid service for delivery from restaurants so that they can bring oysters and fish,” she said. “I want oysters so badly. My bed is made of metal bars. I asked for a normal one with an orthopaedic mattress, and they laughed at me again.

I asked if I could get even the most basic iPhone with internet, but they laughed at me even more.” Someone clearly needs to remind her that she is now in prison, not a holiday camp in the Caribbean.

Mayer also claimed that she had suffered a brutal attack in the hands of another inmate, who allegedly threw boiling water at her chest leaving her burned “to the bone” with a “red bleeding scar.” The self-proclaimed princess claims she was being brutalized because other inmates are jealous of her looks as well as her refusal to stick with the informal prison rule that dictates new inmates have to clean the cells and washrooms. “I’m not a rebel, but I was strongly against the pressure on ‘newcomers (to do the cleaning),” she said.

The time behind bars has not prevented her from looking sexy. A human rights monitor and prison visitor Eva Merkacheva- also a prominent Russian journalist, wrote: “Incredibly, she manages to look the same behind bars as she looks in her Instagram. Long hair, and huge doll-like eyelashes.”

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and Mayer has even identified a business venture she intends to pursue from prison. She plans to generate income for the prison by buying female prisoners’ hair for 5,000 roubles (£60) and then sell the extensions for 50,000 (£600).

Imagine how much revenue it will create for the jail. And everyone will be satisfied.”

It’s not clear whether prison authorities would approve of such a venture.


There is not a lot to add here. My only hope is that Kira Mayer will find the going a little easier in prison and learn her lessons. She needs it.

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