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Instagram-playboy Breaks Pornstar’s Foot!

It’s all fun and games mansions, money, cars and guns until you go and throw a naked pornstar off a roof into your Hollywood hills pool; which is exactly what this Instagram-posting, poker-playing nutjob did the other day! It all went as planned… until this bitch was lucky she didn’t crack her skull open broke her foot.

Before the incident…

I was squirming just before he threw her (as I’m sure you all will too) but unfortunately you don’t see a whole lot here…

Dan Blizerian, a millionaire poker player famous for his outrageous instagram photos, was shooting a spot for Hustler magazine last week when he had a brilliant idea to throw 19-year-old Janice Griffith off a roof. Headfirst. Into his pool. KICK-ASS! Downside to this? TMZ blurred her naughty-bits which is simply unacceptable when a pornstar is in the headlines. THE BEST PART – she shot an I Am Eighteen scene exclusively for us, your favourite website,! So enjoy the shit out of her fully functioning (sexy) body, right here, right now! Even Dan Blizerian can’t do better than this!

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