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Instagram Scanning DMs For Sexual Solicitation

I came across this tweet from legendary hooligan Porn Dan:

According to international traveler and future shoe bomber Porn Dan, “Instagram told Jezebel that the majority of the accounts had been removed for violating our sexual solicitation policies.”

Now, I didn’t bother to go read the Jezebel article for several reasons, one, if you can’t trust a guy who throws Sno-Cones at players during penalty shots, who can you trust, and 2, I really couldn’t care less, if you’re dumb enough to hook thru Social media, you deserve to get your account deleted..   I know what you’re thinking,

“TRPWL why cant I book a 30 dollar blow job thru MY IG. it’s my right as a US citizen and telling me I can’t is a violation of my 18th amendment rights ”

To quote the hallway monitor, “Do you know what bear mace is icehead? it’s the mace they use on bears”




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