Interactive Sex Movies

Everyone pretty much agrees that the world of porn is going towards interactive. There is more virtual reality porn than ever, and with things like choose your own adventure porn that let’s you be in control, as well as toys that can be controlled over the internet via bluetooth. Now one porn company has put a lot of these elements together to create fully interactive porn movies that will change the way people watch porn forever, which is something that is being said about a lot of new porn technology these days. The company is none other than Pornhub, the mega tube site which also offers some premium content.

They have recently announced a partnership with two interactive sex toys. One of them is the Kiiroo Onyx, and the other is the Fleshlight Launch. Both toys are male masturbation sleeves with movements that can be controlled over the internet. The original intent of these toys was to allow a lover who might be traveling from afar, or a cam user who wants to play with their favorite cam performer, to give good orgasms to people. However, Pornhub has found a new use for them. All you have to do is watch one of the videos on the site that are prepared to be compatible with this technology. These videos are coded with the movements that the performers are doing, to make your toy come to life and make your cock feel like you are really experiencing whatever the girl is doing in the film whether it is oral, anal or vaginal.

It’s a pretty exciting thing that I definitely want to try, don’t you? This is part of a whole new field of sex toys and porn known as teledildonics. This basically just means interactive sex toys that can be controlled over the internet. The imaginations of the people making these new technologies seems to be endless and it’s a good thing for the porn biz which had been struggling for a while due to regular porn movies being pirated and made free in many places without the say so of it’s producers. Free porn is great too, but in order to keep porn companies able to create porn they have to have at least a few guys willing to put down the bucks to make it! Due to large file sizes and other constraints, interactive porn technology is something that people are really interested in and it is something that is hard to pirate, so many people think it will refresh the porn industry overall.

Doesn’t it sound totally hot and awesome to you? Now I can not only imagine I am getting my dick sucked by Phoenix Marie in a porn movie but I can really feel like she is doing it too.

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