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Internext-Overall- Disappointing- Lots of Pics


The Internext Convention kicks off with a Meet & Greet open bar on Friday Night. Here is my beautiful friend Diamond Jackson by the sign.


Catalina Cruz at the Mix & Meet 

Megan Jones enjoying the free bar with her friend

(Above three pictures taken by Richard Kent, Courtesy Of Xcitement Magazine)



I pick up my badge on Saturday afternoon with no drama. As I walk toward the Grand Ballrooms  I run into people looking for the convention.

Because this is where they thought it would be held. This is where it was held last year. And last year this area was overflowing with people

One of the seminars-Case Studies- Tactics & Strategies 3:30-4:00 pm There is a panel of 3 or 4 speakers up front

There are approximately 150 seats in this banquet hall, there were about 30 people in attendance.

Those doors and tents are the booths. The go around one of the pools. The price for one started at $5000.

This is the inside of the booth. I can’t forget to mention that is was 95 degrees and sunny outside. Hotter INside the booths

The pools

NO I didn’t see these hot girls or take this picture. I got it from Diamond James who is the blonde in the picture. The other two are Janessa Brazil and Destiny Dixon

Above and below are the only hot girls I could find. They were on posters….


Glad to know that one company is still making money- both of these cars have web bill on their license plates

Tootsie’s is a strip club that came to drop off some people.

Free gifts- Everything below was given to all the attendees.

 Friday night (before I was there) Diamond Jackson says– I must say, I did have fun on the stage with 2 Live Crew.

NL-I talked to Diamond James also, here is what she had to say– Worst show I’ve ever been to. Totally disappointing. Of course you can quote me! I would like to add something too…me and two of my Girl Friends got YELLED at for taking off bikinis UNDER WATER. We weren’t even walking around naked. Just having some fun in the infiniti pool’s glass bottom. I could not believe it. Only people who could see the nudity were ATTENDEES! WTF?

NL- That was probably the most fun that happened all day!  And yes, most interesting thing that happened. We had a big crowd underneath the overhang of peeps looking up at us through the glass bottom. And we were scolded. We were ordered to put our bikinis back on…even though we kept it all underwater. SO ridiculous!
NL-Who made you put your bathing suit back on ? It was actually some woman who runs the conference. And the hotel people were helping her enforce it

NL-The lack of attendance doesn’t reflect on the popularity of the convention or on AVN. It’s not their fault.  The Money situation is bad everywhere and this is just a reflection of the real world. But I think they should have canceled. It was a very poor showing. I’m sure a lot of people had fun though. This is one convention full of great parties and LOTS of free drinks.

As a matter of fact tonight is the Tera Patrick party  at Pangaea at the  Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with free drinks for all girls wearing lingerie until midnight.



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