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Interracial Means Interracial, Senators Talk Trash and Reality TV Show Chicks are Both Trashy and Hot

Roger Pipe writes:

The early reviews on Robby D’s “Jungle Story” are in and everyone loves the script……KIDDING….jeez. I reviewed the movie last week. (Review Here) and found it to be pretty good. Not because of the script, but because the sex was really hot and the cast kept up the theme of the scene throughout the sex. A small thing perhaps, but it helped to make the light feature dialog work. Over on AstroKnight gave it a mixed review but hit on a theme that I think is important. He specifically points to the fact that Jungle Story is an “interracial” movie. Too often in porn we use that word to only refer to scenes between black men and non-black women. In fact, some people use it to apply only to BM/WF scenes. While those scenes certainly qualify as interracial, the word means a whole lot more. The King of all porn reviewers, Den from disagrees. In his review of Jungle Story Den specifically says that it is not an interracial movie because it has only one BM/WF scene. (Between cheating wife Carley Parker and new neighborhood stud Jean Calude Baptiste). It also features a BM/AF scene with Keeani Lei taking on two black guys. There is some white on black action as well as white on black in the movie. Overall Den liked the movie more than Astro did, but he didn’t like the choking (15 seconds during the Parker/Baptiste scenes) and the fact that there is no BTS as part of the bonus materials. Those are the only two reviews I have been able to find so far. Appropriately no one is really focusing on the script. This is one of the lightest scripts I have ever written. It really is just a feature light with themes, but I think it was very well done. Robby had the actors stay in character throughout and that adds a lot of fantasy appeal. I’ve written close to ten scripts that have been turned into movies and this is by far the most faithful execution of what was written. He kept the dialog and the feel in tact virtually from start to finish. It was fun to see, and even more importantly (to me) the sex was really hot. If any of you have rented or purchased the DVD, I would love to hear your thoughts. Good or bad, send them over. If you see any other reviews, let me know. I’d like to link to those as well. And yes folks, a possible sequel to Jungle Story is in the works.

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