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Interview with a Cam Girl from

Interview with a cam girl from
I sent the questions, they asked her and Dyrtygirrl delivered the answers.


admin    how did You find out about doing live chat, how did the opportunity come?

00:54:58        dyrtygirrl      well i was looking for fun and friends , and here i find the perfect place  i work and have fun in same time   so i look up for adult sites, and find LJ     i like this site from first time and i think is awesome being a model of LJ

admin    So You were looking for a place where You can make money and also be part of a group, a community?  Or it was only about meeting new people and then came the possibility of making some money?

00:59:08        dyrtygirrl      yeah i could say like that too, but i was looking for fun and company , and the money come as consequently

admin   What made you want to be a chat host on LiveJasmin? Was there anything special that convinced You of registering?

01:01:58        dyrtygirrl      well first of all i like it , because is The No.1 Adult Chat site in the World – Free Live Sex Video Chat
 and i also like the Support Chat room 24h, the lots of traffic u have and nice people

admin   That is nice to hear, thank You.

01:04:15        dyrtygirrl      thats the true

admin   Do You have fun while You are online?

01:04:57        dyrtygirrl      yeah sure i have fun , and i enjoy what im doing

admin   What is the best part, that You enjoy the most?

01:07:20        dyrtygirrl      exchange of experience with people

admin   Do You discuss Your real life experiences with Visitors?

01:08:57        dyrtygirrl      of course i do talk about my real life experiences whit the members   they do the same  ?

admin    ?   What do You usually talk about? What are Your favorite topics, sexual things that Your are happy to discuss?

01:09:46        dyrtygirrl      about anything

admin   You know, those that really make You feel good during a simple conversation.

01:12:19        dyrtygirrl      i usually like to talk whit the people about my and their fantasies, and i guess here is the perfect place for make them come true

admin   Yes, we hope so. Would You mind sharing a fantasy like that? Something that maybe makes You go wild already when only thinking of it..or at least give us a clue about it;)

01:16:11        dyrtygirrl      hmmmm    my best fantasy is to imagine i make love with an unknown man   i like this fantasy, because it is never the same like the last time… it is always something different in my mind

admin   I see, thats exciting.  What is that turns You on the most while You are chatting?

01:23:06        dyrtygirrl      interaction and every conversation based on sexual themes

admin   Do You like to be in control during a show or is it better if the Visitor has an exact request / desire?

01:24:40        dyrtygirrl      depends   approach may be different with each person separately

admin   I understand.   What is the type of personality You like the most ?  I mean the way the Visitor acts during a show.
 What is that makes You enjoy a show the most?

01:30:54        dyrtygirrl      i like the patient and nice people with me in pvt (private chat)     i like that they understand my job and try to make me feel comfortable with them.      i enjoy in a show when i have the control and the members let me choose what i do, because then i give my best   i dont like to force me to cum LOL  i like to give it to u (member) as a gift from me

admin   It is one special gift for sure.   Do You consider working at LiveJasmin a regular job?   Or is it somehow better than any other, everyday job?   Does it happen to make any difference in Your life, something that other jobs would not do?

01:39:35        dyrtygirrl      i dont consider working at LJ as a regular job, i like what im doing here and is fun for me and i hope is the same for my members

admin   I understand.   If You were to give a short, few sentence long description of  how is it to be a Performer  what is Your life like as a Performer…

01:42:31        dyrtygirrl      real life? or my life after the keyboard?

admin   Well all together  So readers could imagine   what it is like to be a Performer.

01:44:13        dyrtygirrl      to be a good Performer isn’t that easy  u have to try to respect a program for work, gotta keep ur promises to the Members  and present an image that must be impeccable

admin   I see, that is nice. It is really rare that someone shows such a respect for the whole Community.
admin   What would you tell a person who is new to the site, and a bit shy about chatting?

01:47:54        dyrtygirrl      the new guys from my pvt receive a kiss and the words: Welcome to LiveJasmin and i hope u will enjoy u time here

admin   I see and what would You advise to a new Performer?

01:51:08        dyrtygirrl      Performer or Member?

admin   What about both?

01:53:34        dyrtygirrl      to a Member i would like to tell: don’t forget that we the Performers are also humans, and try to behave nice and show respect, ‘coz i’ll do the same  to a new Performer i would like to tell to read ur rules and try to respect them  to be nice and polite with the people from their chat be natural, be themselves, and not try to copy anybody this is most important

admin   I see thank You and have a nice time!

01:56:39        dyrtygirrl      you’re welcome, bye!

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