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Interview with a Sex Chat Aficionado- Exclusive!

Since we have been talking about and doing sex chats lately I got ahold of a reader who loves chat rooms, and asked him some questions. He is a member of

He is on  twitter as LEAFSFANTV and has a blog   

How did you start talking in chat rooms?

I have always enjoyed cam to cam. I can find a girl to do what ever I wanted her to do and she could see me and I could see her. If the girl just wasn’t doing it for me I can just click out of a window and  pop into another girls chat room. It does get addicting so you have to watch yourself. It’s really easy to spend money on these sites.

What made you visit ILive for the first time?

The site I used to visit started going down hill. The chat hostess left and all of a sudden they brought in these girls that couldn’t  speak English. So many cam sites that have girls that don’t speak English They come from Countries like the Philippines,Korea and Russia. I tried IMLIVE because since they have the most traffic They get hostess from Canada,USA and UK unlike the other sites. I can also write down fantasies and these fantasies will be mailed to all the hostesses and the ones that will do my fantasy  will send a reply so I don’t have to email every lady individually. I feel the prices of IMLIVE aren’t as expensive as the other sites.

How long have you been going there now?

I have been going to IMLIVE for about 5years.

You said you are a gold member, what does that involve?
You can join a Discount Club and enjoy a huge 0.80 Credits discount for every minute spent in their Video Chat Rooms or watching their Recorded Live Sessions!
    You are awarded 5 FREE Discount Club Vouchers, each good for an entire FREE month of membership with any Host offering a Discount Club! Plus, for every Discount Club Voucher you use, you get 16 FREE Credits to use in our amazing full nudity Happy Hour shows, on any Happy Hour Host you choose. That’s a gift of 80 Credits and a lot of Video Chat time on our tab!
    You receive a 15% Happy Hour Credit Bonus on every Credit purchase!
    You get 10 FREE Credits every month to use in our innovative Live Viewer feature!
    You can watch unlimited Mad Video Competition Videos and Recorded Celebrity Events for FREE!
      “Happy Hour is a great value Every time you purchase Credit on ImLive, you get FREE Happy Hour Credits as a bonus to use on any Host performing in the Happy Hour feature. This is a great bonus since it lets you experience more sexy Hosts and more wild action FREE of charge!”

How often do you chat with the girls?

I stop into free chat to say hello at least twice a week you can’t see them but you can chat. I do pay chat about 3 to 4 times a month. I have slowed down since it gets a little expensive.

Who are your favorites? and why?

My favorite girl is clearly dynamitexxx I am really into vocal women with role play. She is from Canada. She is a really nice person that talks to people even when they don’t go private. The food fetish people love her I am not a food fetish person but she has a huge fanbase that followers her.I have posted audio and a video of her on my youtube channel CORR2B3.If you are going to go private she is the one I would reccomend.

Do you usually masturbate while you chat? Does the girl?

Yes I would think most people do since this is all about pleasure. I love cam to cam so that is a huge turn on I have never seen a girl that didn’t masturbate on cam.

Have you explored chat in the other rooms, like t/s, couples, porn stars?

Yes I have seen a few couples. I have had Porn stars such as Amy Fisher,Gina Lynn and Jill kelly.    I wouldn’t recommend it they charge why to much you are better off joining your favorite girls site and becoming a member most girls do cam shows. It’s cheaper that way.

NL-If you would like to find out more for yourself, visit, you can sign up and browse and chat with people for free ( no credit card needed). In order to use a private room you have to buy time and use a payment method.

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