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Interview with Angela Aspen

Interview With Angela Aspen from

Angela Aspen
1. Angela, you’ve quickly become a highly sought after starlet in the business. What things do you think contribute to your success as a porn star?

Hot Girls in LA are a dime a dozen. Diva’s are on every corner. I would defiantly say over porn moaning and arched positions… my work ethic will get me everywhere.

2. Describe yourself as a teenager. What was your personality like?

I was 100% good or bad. My early pre-teens/ teen years, I was crazy and tried out every private school in my city. My junior year, I did an about face. I started doing high school assemblies for Prom Week (abstinence) , ran charity races and worked for the American Cancer Society. Yea, I am crazy like that.

3. At what age did you lost your virginity and what was the experience like for you?

Wow… I heard on my last interview that I was suppose to say that all sexual experiences happened after 18 years of age. So… um… it was my 18th birthday on the top floor of the Trump Tower. Candles. Chocolate. Sparking Cider. And Anotio Bandaras.

4. How did you first get introduced to the porn industry?

I was a fetish model. A perverted photographer suggested porn, of course.

5. How about your friends and family? Are they supportive?

OMG no! My father was head of my Christian denomination from 93′-97′ and they are now missionaries. Same with my brother and grandparents. I was kicked to the curb sooooo fast.

6. Why do you suppose you’re so into hardcore sex?

An addictive personality. I do not do anything half way in life. At all.

7. What was the biggest surprise for you about the porn industry?

A) That it is not like normal sex. B) Male talent is 5 foot tall on average C) Did I mention how short everyone is?

8. What have been some of your favorite scenes to shoot?

Brazzers because the scripts are hilarious but most of all  I like shooting for myself. I shoot empowered women who dirt bike, backpack, ride motorcycles and speedboats. I hate how the industry makes us out to be retards. It dumbs us down for evolutionary purposes. Most porn shows that average dudes raping the hell out of hot retarded girls. I like to flip the roles where Amazon women fuck men and dispose of them. Aw! Role reversal where women rule!

9. 20 minute sex scenes we are seeing in your breathtaking videos take hours to actually shoot. Which things can cause short breaks when shooting a porn video?

I have never yelled “cut”. It is part of my stay tough side. But I have been with some big name male talent and I wait for them to yell “cut”. Most the time it has been because they have to pee.

10. How often, if at all, do you achieve orgasms in your scenes?

Every time, duh:)

11. What was it like at ADULTCON?

It is awesome that the fans already expect me to be there. Thanks Monstar! I did not have a roadie so everyone was trying to get my attention and it was like herding cats. It was crazy. So this AdultCON Vegas, I have a roadie to sell stuff, hold the camera, beat off time wasters… ya know, the usual.

12. Tell me about shooting Super Sized Boobs & Butts DVD.

Wow, I have not watched it yet but it was really fun to shoot. Loved my hair and makeup.. you know we are just trolls without it! But the owner and his wife are sooo unbelievablly cute! The wife has an awesome bubble butt. My male talent had dark hair and light eyes which makes me crazy. It was a dungeon scene which slow down… I am not into getting the crap beat of out me… but it was a sensual aggressive tension between us. We both had this fire in our eyes that was intense.

13. You’re incredibly built with a body of a voluptuous Amazon goddess. How do you work out (besides having the best sex in the world) to get your incredible body?

This is so not sexy but I used to weigh 265. I believe obesity is voluntary suicide. I had packed on 75 pounds in a year by letting myself go as a youth pastor. Now I have kept it off for 6 years. It’s work. But it is worth it. Eat 6 times a day. High protein, low carbs… yadda yadda. Everyone knows the rules but few can follow them.

14.  How has working in porn affected your relationships in the real world?

I have had one true girl friend since I was 12. She seems to be all that matters to me. As far as relationships with my civilian friends in Denver, they ask me lots of questions. I have had the same group of friends for almost 10 years. I have watched them date, marry, divorce, and date again. We are like Sex in the City but nobody argues that I am “Samantha”

15. Tell me about a time when inspiration just hits you, and you felt the insatiable urge to create. What did you do with that energy?

Once again, that would be filming porn for myself. Up in the mountains with a camera my mind turns around every scene I can create. A masturbation scene by the campfire with foggy lighting and light rain starting. By a stream., water rushing over me.  A backpacker’s POV blowjob to a random passing hiker. On a speedboat full of strippers… I can go on!

16. What is your view on the war in Afghanistan?

Do you know I was raised in Colorado Springs with 5 military basis? Where should I begin? Clinton fucked us by pulling out all of out troops. Oh and I am not saying Bush was the brightest either but the lesser of two evils. Then 9/11 happened and ALL… let me repeat ALL of my friends went on back to back tours because our military had been so depleted. ALL… let me repeat… all… have divorced because they no longer know their traumatized spouses that have been sitting in a sandbox for 7 years. Suicides in the military? Through the roof. Ask the Colorado Spring Police Department what happens when these troops come back home. They do not know how to come back to the real world or get a normal job or have a normal relationship so they just shoot themselves. They are so fucked up in the head they beat the hell out of women, start bar fights and are just plain cyco.  Did you really want me to answer that question? Ha ha!

17. What do you consider your greatest weakness?

Unorganized. Messy. Pursuing my goals over making my family happy- good and bad.

18.  What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?


19. How do you spend your leisure?

Working out is what I do in LA but then I take off every two months so I do not become a fake ass LA girl. I go backpacking. I love touring Central America and I do it every summer.

20. Any important projects or plans, you would like to share?

My website with over 35 scenes will be launching December 1st.

21. What do you want to do ultimately in porn? And what about creeping into mainstream media?

I have been an investor since the age of 22 and am so close to owning a $7 million bed and Breakfast in Telluride Colorado. Chances are high I will still film for myself scenes of empowered women but honestly, porn is just a hobby for my exhibitionist side.

Mainstream I am up for it but will not sell my soul to Satan for it.

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